Irregular Verbs Made Easy: The 5 Best Ways to Learn Irregular Verbs Online

irregular verbs made easyAre you having problems learning irregular verbs in English? Do you find it too difficult to spend 10 to 15 minutes a day trying to learn such a big and fundamental part of the English language?

As strange as it sounds, most people “study” English for years and years, but because of their laziness or lack of interest, they still never remember the irregular verbs.

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Knowing a lot of verbs and being able to conjugate them is a huge step in achieving English fluency. Most English learners feel that it’s impossible to learn all the irregular verbs and be able to conjugate them, but if suck it up (act as if it’s no problem) and set a strong goal to learn, you’ll see that it’s not as difficult as you think.

In my previous article, Secrets to Learning English Grammar, I showed you an easy way to practice and learn all verb conjugations in English, and how to make it a simple everyday habit. In this article, I’m going to show you how to learn all of those “difficult to conjugate irregular verbs” in a variety of easy and stress-free ways.

It’s time to forget about those boring textbooks and use these new innovative ways to learn irregular verbs with some of the best, and most interesting, activities the internet had to offer.

Learn English with Rap: Fluency MC

I’d like to introduce you to Fluency MC, the English teaching superstar. Fluency MC has been developing new and innovative ways to teach English for many years now, and he does it all with his flowing rap skills.

Fluency MC has some amazing youtube videos that are going to blow you away (really impress you). On his youtube channel, which you can access here, Fluency MC teaches a huge range of English vocabulary with easy to remember rap songs.

Check out this awesome video, and remember the famous three R’s: RELAX, REPEAT and REMEMBER.

Easily Memorize the Irregular Verbs With Many Things

On the subject of music, “Many Things” is another interesting site that focuses on learning the irregular verbs easily with a fun, musical exercise.

This method of learning the verbs here is also a repetitive exercise using music, similar to Fluency MC. This website separates all the irregular verbs into four different song groups that are aimed at memorizing the verbs with a listen and repeat the exercise.

The best part about these songs is that they give you space to repeat each verb after the main speaker has said them. The first song starts off quite slow but each song becomes faster and faster.

The most effective way to use these four irregular verb songs is by downloading the mp3 from the site, put them on to an mp3 player of some kind and listen and repeat all of the verbs in your spare time.  In your car, at work, when you’re cleaning the house, whenever you can.

Learn English in 5 Minutes with Espresso English11 coff

If you are looking for a more formalized approach, although it’s also very cool, then you have to take a look at Espresso English.

Here you will find a very detailed explanation of the irregular verbs, and they are all separated into different sound categories. This is one of the best resources I have found online that not only teaches you the conjugations, but you will also learn a lot about pronunciation.

This online guide starts with a short video describing all the different categories in which the irregular verbs have been separated. Then, below the video you will see all these categories separated into different sound groups with and audio tracks to help you with the pronunciation.

This is a must-see website for learners of all levels. Check it out here

Test your memory with Quizlet

If you a looking for a more informal way to practice, that will also test your memory,  Quizlet offers a fun way to learn the irregular conjugations using flashcards.

On this website, you gradually go through the irregular verbs, either in alphabetical order or on shuffle mode. On the top right side of the page, you have the option of seeing both sides of the flashcards (all conjugations), or just one side (past and past participle conjugations).

Another awesome thing about this site is that it also offers an audio function so you can listen and repeat to help your pronunciation.

Save this website to your favorites right now and start using it in any spare moment you have during your busy day.

Click to go to site.

Learn and have fun with the Macmillan Dictionary Verb Wheel Game

12 macAnd, last but not least (still has importance), Macmillan offers a great way to learn all the irregular verbs with it’s fun online verb wheel game.

When you’re feeling a little bored and don’t want to take such a serious approach to learning the irregular verbs, this game is perfect for you. Just press the play button and the game will begin.

The wheel starts to spin and you’ll have two minutes to get as many answers correct as possible.  The wheel will stop on a verb and then several boxes will appear with all the conjugations of that verb. The game will then give you a verb tense, e.g. the past simple, and you have to choose the right conjugation for that verb tense to gain points.

After your two minutes are up (finished), the game will show you your accumulated score and give you the option to play again to try to beat that score.

Put down the play station controller for just a few minutes and have fun learning with the verb wheel game.

Click to go to site.

Call to action

Don’t be fooled into thinking that learning irregular verbs is too hard! Many of my students become very resistant when I start teaching them the regular verbs, don’t let this happen to you.

Most people think that learning these grammatical parts of a language are always boring and really difficult, but the truth is that without a little creativity and diverse thinking, everything is going to be boring.

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  • Luis says:

    Hi Chad!
    Very useful post!
    I have a little question. Do you know where I can find the natural pronunciation (without music, just the three columns) of the irregular verbs, in order to save them as mp3 file?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Guest says:

    Hi Chad!
    Very useful post!
    I have a little question. Do you know where I can find the natural pronunciation (without music, just the three columns) of the irregular verbs, in order to save them as mp3 file?
    Thanks a lot!