English Podcast #29 – Expressions related to NUMBERS

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Words to Know

  • Standing up – when all of your weight is on your feet, not sitting
  • Bimonthly – two times a month
  • Pissed off – angry
  • Legit – short for legitimate
  • Upset – sad
  • Old chestnut – something you’ve heard many times before
  • Lipstick – makeup that you put on your mouth
  • Shovel – a tool used to dig into the ground
  • Boogie board – a small board used to catch waves
  • Swoop – to move rapidly down through the air
  • Mercy – showing someone compassion instead of punishing them
  • Chop – to cut through something


  •  Trevor is moving to Rio and will start the Real Life English Party and other events there. If you want to meet up with Trevor and have a coffee, beer, açaí, coconut water or whatever, send him an email at [email protected]

Shout Outs

  • Marcelo Moreira from Belo Horizonte, Brazil—5 star iTunes review
  • Alex Rivera from El Salvador, @alexrivera210


  • Sometimes the verb “to come” can be used as the word “to go.” For example, “I’m coming with you,” not “I’m going with you.” Why is this?
  • See the article on How to Use the Word “Go” for more info.


  • Put two and two together
  • The whole nine yards
  • One fell swoop
  • Back to square one
  • 101



  •  The two rules for success

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  • Tamie says:

    Thanks a lot! One more great and helpful podcast. You are awesome guys!

  • Marcelo Moreira says:

    Thanks for shout out!

  • Marcelo Moreira says:

    Thanks for shout out!

  • Genesis Cardozo says:

    Hey guys, I’m from Venezuela (but I’m currently living in Buenos Aires) I just wanted to say thank you, your podcasts are saving me from dying of boredom. I listen to them when I’m at work (Weird, I know).
    I listen like four podcasts a day (hypnosis must be the reason).