RealLife English Podcast #53: Easter & Spring Break

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In this episode, Chad and Justin talk about humorous expressions, stories, and international customs related to Easter and Spring Break.

Words/Expressions You’ll Learn

•  Boost
• Stave Off
• Bunny
• Pest
• Bilby
• Endangered
• Marsupial
• Conservationists
• The Land Down Under
• Muzzle
• Fur
• Pouch
• Endearing
• Struggle
• Catch on
• Fasting
• Shell
• Hunt
• Holiday vs vacation (and vacations)
• More bang for your buck
• Fraternity
• Cookie cutter
• Sorority
• Binge
• Black out
• Party it up
• Booze / Booze up / Booze Bus
• Sow your wild oats
• Settle down
• In a nutshell
• Bottle Shop/ Liquor Store

Words to Know

•  Pull-ups: an exercise in which you hold onto the bar above your head and pull yourself up
• Crew: a group or team of people
• Awesomeness: the noun for awesome
• Typo: typing mistake
• Penance: repentance of sins
• Religious ties: connections
• Crack: to break without a complete separation of the parts
• Good Friday: the Friday before Easter Sunday
• That is a wrap: we’re finished

Grammar Question

• The Difference Between Among/Amongst and Between



• Coto Flores (El Salvador)
• Aro Boskani (Germany)
• Baclaran Boy (Phillipines)

Links (Chad’s Video with Drinking Vocab/ Sounds)

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Song: Down Under (Men at Work)

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  • Galyna Usova says:

    Thank you! It's a great resourse!

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