Add Some Color to Your English: Color Idioms

color postIs you English currently dull and boring?

Do you feel like nobody finds you very interesting to talk to in English?

If so, you need to add a little bit of COLOR to your vocabulary!

Using idiomatic expressions is one of the best ways to make your English sound more interesting and colorful expressions, like the ones you are going to learn today, can be found everywhere.

Color expressions can range from describing your personal mood, I’m feeling blue [depressed], to talking about personal activities, let’s paint the town red [go out and party]. I’m sure you can find a colorful expression that can related to nearly every situation.

Today, thanks to Kaplan International, I would like to share with you some really funny expressions with color. Check out this fun infographic and add these really common expressions into your vocabulary right now.

(click here to see the original article from Kaplan International) 

Kaplan Colour

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