Chow Time: Expressions Related to Eating (Video Lesson)

Feeling hungry? In this episode of RealLife TV you are going to learn some new ways to talk about eating food and telling people that you are full. Bom apetite!!

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Chad: Yo Glen

Glen: What’s up dude?

Chad: Yo man I’m a little peckish do you want to go grab a bite to eat soon?

Glen: Yeah man I got the munchies, I’m so hungry I could eat a horse

Chad: Yeah me too an my stomach is growling right now

Glen: Ok aww yeah its chow time then

Chad: Aww yeah its chow time

Glen: Let’s do it

 Is this RealLife???

Chad: What’s up guys? Welcome to another episode of RealLife TV, I’m Chad, I’m here with Glen, and today we got lunchtime special for you guys.

Glen: Are you feeling hungry? Today we are going to teach you expressions about eating, hope you enjoy.

Glen: What’s up guys we are here and it’s lunch time. You can see we are at a typical Mineiro restaurant and another way to say lunchtime is chow time. Chow means food and it’s time for lunch. Chow time

Glen: Alright here we are having lunch and we stumbled across Capitan Murray here from RealLife English, co-founder, the man, and right now he is chowing down on some food. Chowing down is a stronger way to say eating, he is probably craving something. Justin, are you craving any meat?

Justin: I’m  vegetarian so, Uhh, I’m not craving meat no. But when I first became a vegetarian I craved it all the time.

Glen: That must be difficult, I am not vegetarian, I could not do that. Craving, however, means to have a strong desire to eat something.

Justin: Mmm I’m craving some chocolate.

Glen: I love Chocolate too

Glen: Hey guys we just had a new discovery here, listen closely. Did you hear that? Justin’s stomach is growling like a dog. You know the sound your tummy makes whenever you are very hungry? That crazy feeling inside.

Justin: It’s called a growl

Glen: A growl, just like I just did.

Justin: You said tummy

Glen: Tummy yeah, another way to say stomach is tummy and it’s mostly what mothers use whenever they’re talking to their children. Does your tummy hurt; did you stuff your face and eat too much?

Justin: Chocolate, which I’m craving right now, is yummy to my tummy. Yummy. Belly is another word, belly

Glen: Belly, belly is another one so we have stomach, tummy, yummy in his tummy, belly, and that’s it, it’s just those 3 right?

Yeah man I know you said you’re starving, or, that means?

Justin: Famished

Glen: So we’ll let you stuff your face and enjoy your meal

Justin: Alright, thanks.

Chad: So yeah I thought I was just a little bit peckish, which actually means that you are not really that hungry, just when you want to have like, some finger food, but like a bird pecks at its food. But when I got here and smelt the smell of this beautiful cooked Brazilian food I realized that I was actually pretty damned starving and I’m about to scarf down this beautiful plate right here.

So to scarf something down means that you, you know it’s like you inhale your food, you eat it all really quickly and in one go. Kind of like a dog when you give him a plate of food and he puts his head in there and he eats it all up in one go, that’s to scarf down your food.

Glen: Alright, we just got back from chow time and Chad ate quite a bit, so how are you feeling Chad?

Chad: I’m feeling stuffed because I really pigged out. Stuffed just means that you are really full, you are stuffed like a stuffed animal, and to pig out means that you eat a lot, similar to a pig eating his food I guess.

So I’m stuffed, I guess you could say full in English as well is another way to say stuffed. Stuffed is more than full, or satisfied.

Glen: Yeah, satisfied right in Portuguese it means a little differently?!

Chad: Yeah, you wouldn’t say satisfied in English would you?

Glen: No, not really, I think satisfied has more of a, it talks more about your overall feeling, whether you’re happy, you’re content, satisfied so it doesn’t really apply to…

Chad: I was satisfied with the quantity of food on my plate but I got full and I got stuffed because I ate it all, I pigged out.

Glen: So now you’re not happy?

Chad: No, I’m too full, I’m going to explode.

Glen: Alright guys, that was another episode of RealLife TV, I hope you guys had fun. We learned a couple expressions about eating out and being full so I’ll see you guys next time.

Ciao, tchau, chow time!

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  • Ethan says:

    Haha this was awesome dudes! Gave me saudades of those big Brazilian lunches at Jeito Mineiro for sure!