• Vijay says:

    Huh.I guess they don’t know the meaning of the term.Set them stgiraht, dude. Send them your intro piece there at the top of the week.I wouldn’t in any way, shape or form put them in the same bucket as YES, Crimson Can’t think of any other Prog Rock bands at the moment. I guess Can and early Genesis (of course; that was Monday), Rush. Who else?I’ve always felt Floyd was a blues band at heart. Or at least since Gilmore joined the band. -Corey Original message From: I wouldn’t, but on every Prog Site on earth they are listed. They were on Harvest records in the U.K., which was a prog label.Karma Chameleon

  • Peter finally reconized that he commeted a big injustice against his old friend Paul. ' Oh well, better late than never'.

  • How are you, my dear firend. Long time no see. I phoned some times but you were out or you were sleeping. Miss you!

  • Pleased to meet you again, after an eternity of absence . I have news for you about my life . Last year I had health problems that took me to Rio de Janeiro to make a treatment. Thank God the doctor who took care of me did a good job and now I'm OK. Next contact I'll tell you a little more. But be sure you continue living in my heart as a good friend and an unforgetable teatcher. God bless you. Recommendations from Ivone.