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5 Expression You Have to Know Related to MUSIC (Video Lesson)

Are you ready to start rocking your English with some cool new expressions? Then prepare yourself for another episode of RealLife TV! Follow with transcript below [leadplayer_vid id=”53D946C68391A”] Get all of our videos and content first by becoming a member of the RealLife English Community Transcript Aww yeah what’s up guys?Welcome to another episode of…

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Stop Studying English and Start Living It!

Are you ready to take your English into your own hands and stop depending on traditional teaching methods that cost you an arm and a leg (are very expensive) and get you nowhere. We know what it’s like to pay through the eyeballs (pay a lot) for English classes and then realize that the way native speakers really speak is nothing…

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Learn English with Funny Comics: Double Negatives

Many English learners, and even a lot of native speakers, often make the big mistake of using a double negative in speech. Even though some native speakers make this mistake, it shows poor use of the language and can sound quite ugly. So, what is a DOUBLE NEGATIVE? Double negatives are when you use 2…

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Improving Your English Conversation: Anyway, By the Way

Watch the video then see the transcript below to check your understanding The expressions “by the way” and “anyway” are so common in spoken English as they are used as tool for changing subjects and continuing after interruptions. Do you know how to used them correctly? Find out in this episode of RealLife TV. [leadplayer_vid…

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World Cup English: Competitive Vocabulary and Expressions

The 2014 World Cup is quickly arriving and we all know that means a time for Global unity, connection, and of course COMPETITION! Do you consider yourself a very competitive person? Recently, our good friends from Kaplan International, organized a friendly soccer competition amongst their students to celebrate football and the upcoming (will happen soon)…

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Common English Mistakes: USED TO or I AM USED TO?

Do you know the difference between these two phrases? I used to play football in the morning I am used to playing football in the morning Even though these two phrases look very similar, they have a very different meaning. In today’s episode of RealLife TV you are going to discover the difference between these…

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The Fastest and Most Effective Way to Learn English Grammar

English grammar is actually not as difficult as you may think. Many people spend months and sometimes even years trying to remember all of the different verb conjugations and tenses. In this episode of RealLife TV you are going to discover the EASIEST and QUICKEST method to learn ALL English conjugations. If you can make a…

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7 Essential Expressions Related to Body Parts

Are you up to your eyeballs this week? Hopefully you won’t get a kick in the balls! Using figurative expressions when speaking English is a great way to make yourself sound more natural and connect to the language. When learning these expressiong you not only expand your vocabulary, but you also get some insight into…

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