7 Essential Expressions Related to Body Parts

Are you up to your eyeballs this week? Hopefully you won’t get a kick in the balls!

Using figurative expressions when speaking English is a great way to make yourself sound more natural and connect to the language. When learning these expressiong you not only expand your vocabulary, but you also get some insight into the culture and how they interpret such situations.

So let’s get our feet wet and dive into today’s episode of RealLife TV. Awww Yeah!!

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Howdy doody, ladies and gentleman, welcome to another episode of RealLife TV. And in today’s lesson, you guys are going to learn seven new expressions related to body parts.

Is this RealLife?

To get something off your chest

The first expression I’m going to teach you today is to get something off your chest. Your chest is this part of your body, and to get something off your chest means that you tell someone something that has been bothering you for a while.

If something has been annoying you, something has been worrying you, and you tell someone, maybe the person who is causing that problem, you can say that you are getting something off your chest.

To be up to your eyeballs

So, the second expression is to be up to your eyeballs with something or in something. If you’re really busy, and you have a lot of work to do, you could say “I’m up to my eyeballs with work.” It means that you have so much work that you are completely busy and have no time to do anything else. You are up to your eyeballs.


A Kick in the Teeth/ a Kick in the Balls

The next expression is a kick in the teeth. A kick is like to kick a football, in your teeth. So, a kick in the teeth is when somebody treats you really poorly, or really badly. Maybe they treat you in a disrespectful way.

It could be your boss, it could be a colleague, it could be a friend. And you can say “that was like a kick in the teeth, when you did that.” An R-rated version, or more adult version would be, like a kick in the balls. Although this is related to a male body part, women have been know to use this expression too. So, feel free.

To Find your Feet

The next expression is to find your feet. To find your feet means that you are adjusting to a situation. If you’ve just started a new job, and someone asks you “hey, how is the new job going?” you can respond “I’m finding my feet, I’m getting used to it, I’m becoming more adjusted to my job.” To find your feet.

Get your Feet Wet

Another expression related to feet is to get your feet wet. If you’re getting your feet wet it means you’re just starting something new, it’s the first experience. It’s an analogy – before you jump into the swimming pool, you just get your feet wet, you’re adjusting yourself to that situation. Kind of similar to finding your feet in some way.

A Pain in the Butt/a Pain in the Ass

And the last expression today is a pain in the butt, or, again, the more vulgar expression would be a pain in the arse, or ass, in American English. So, a pain in the butt, or a pain in the ass, is generally referenced to a person. If someone is really annoying, someone just really pisses you off, you can say that thay guy, or that girl, is a big pain in the butt, or pain in the ass.

So, it’s generally related to people, but you can also use it in situations. For example, “waiting in line at the bank is a big pain in the butt, that’s a big pain in the ass.”

That’s all folks!

Ok guys, I hope you enjoyed this lesson, and I hope you guys can start using these expressions in your everyday vocabulary, I think you’re going to have some fun with these ones, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, where you’ll get all of our newest videos.

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