5 Expression You Have to Know Related to MUSIC (Video Lesson)

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Aww yeah what’s up guys?Welcome to another episode of RealLife TV, I’m chad and in this episode I’m going to teach you 5 expressions you have to know related to music.

1. Music to My Ears

Ok, so the English language is filled with idiomatic expressions and today I just wanted to quickly teach you guys 5 awesome expressions all related to music. So the first one is music to your ears, or music to my ears.

If something is music to my ears that means its good news, something that I was waiting for, something that I’m really excited to hear. Like maybe when I heard that my football team won the championship it was like music to my ears.

2. Play Something By Ear

Ok, the second expression is to play something by ear. In relation to an instrument if you can play a song by ear that means you don’t have to read the music you can just listen to the song and play it by ear.

But in a normal conversation, if I was to talk to my friend and use this expression it would be for example, if I wanted to go out on the weekend and I asked my friend, “hey where do you want to go,” he could respond, “oh let’s just play it by ear,” which means we will wait to see what happens depending on the circumstance what we’re going to do might change. So we just going to play it by ear, see what happens and then we’ll decide what we are going to do or where we are going to go.

3. Ring a Bell

Experssion number 3 is to ring a bell. You probably know this from a door bell, ding dong, to ring a door bell. But when I say something rings a bell it means that it reminds you of something or you have heard that before you just can’t really remember exactly where, or maybe if you where talking about a person like, “hey have you heard of ben harper?” You might be, “hmm his name rings a bell,” which means you are familiar with the name but you’re not sure how or where you have heard that name.

4. Face the Music

Expression number 4 is to face the music. To face the music means you have to confront a difficult situation, maybe you have to confess something or maybe you have to tell someone some bad news. But when you use the expression to face the music it just means you are confronting that situation.

5. Blow Your Own Horn/Trumpet

And expression number 5 is to blow your own horn or to blow your own trumpet. Now this expression means to say good things about yourself, if you say that guy is blowing his own horn it means he is bragging about himself. To brag is to talk about your achievements an your accomplishments, so if someone is blowing their own horn they are probably talking themselves up and saying really good things about themselves, probably to impress you or people around them something like that.

And a common way you are probably going to hear this in a conversation is when someone wants to say something about themselves, but they want to make it clear that they are not trying to brag. So they might say, “hey man I don’t mean to blow my own horn but I got a promotion at work last week.” So it’s when they are talking about themselves in a positive way and they don’t want to sound like they are bragging.

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Thanks a lot see you guys next time on RealLife TV.

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