RealLife Radio #107 – How to Pass the IELTS Speaking Exam

Jessica-BeckAre you thinking of taking the IELTS test? Or any academic English test in the future, like TOEFL or one of the Cambridge English Exams?

In this episode of RealLife Radio or special guest, Jessica Beck, will debunk (show the falsness) 4 myths people have about the most nerve racking part of all these test… the speaking section!

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Some Words You’ll Learn:

  • Snow ball – when a situation gains traction, gets bigger
  • Blow up – to explode, become very popular
  • All ears – you have my full attention
  • Wing it – try, or do something with no preparation
  • Nail it – to do something perfectly
  • Yankee – a person from New York, or sometimes the United States
  • How-zit? – how is it? (like saying what’s up in South African English)
  • A slip – an accidental mistake made while speaking
  • Chuckle – a little laugh
  • Freak out – panic, worry too much
  • Grunt – making a noise that’s not comprehendible, like an animal
  • Swear words – offensive words
  • F bombs – a way of saying f#@k without having to say it
  • Blabber mouth – someone who keeps talking, or some one who tells other peoples secrets
  • Improv – improvisation
  • Make something up – to invent a story
  • Bump up – to increase a little


  • Welcome to the Fluency Circle to all of out new students participating in the Fluent with Friends course.
  • Jessica gives a big shoutout to all the listeners from the IELTS Energy podcast.

Learn more about the Fluent with Friends course
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Kick Ass Quote:

  • Being yourself is the most important thing! -Megan Ripeno

Conversation Topic:

  • Jessica explains to us what the IELTS test is, why you might want to do it, and gives us great tips to prepare for the speaking section of the test.

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  • Roberto Amaral says:

    Hi guys, I’ve just listened to the last episode with Jessica Beck and I have to say that I looooooooooove Jessica! (Not in a romantic way, of corse…). She’s a super-funny girl, her voice is happy, she is happy! Her happiness makes my day every morning when I listen to the Energy IELTS Podcast while I commute. She is amazing. There is one more thing, because of her tip I knew The Real Life English Podcast, which I also love (not looooooooooove, but just love, ok? In a no homo way… Hahaha).
    Guys, this podcast is very pleasant to listen to. Congratulations and Ó-YÉ!

    • Chad Fishwick says:

      Hey Roberto! Thanks for listening, it was a pleasure having Jessica on out podcast. I can only imagine how much she is helping you with your English. Not only is she an IELTS expert, but her good vibes and positive outlook are really motivational.

      Cheers buddy… Aww Yeah 🙂

  • Jaime Lucas says:

    Excellent guest star. Jessica Beck. !!! I can say that Chad has made a good choice. The conversation was very fluid and very entertaining . I hope we can enjoy another podcast with the duo Chad-Jessica. They are the cream of the crop.
    Keep it up

  • Aline Izaías says:

    Man, why I can’t dowload the podcast in MP3 any more ? I have not internet to listen this on the streets 🙁

    By the way, I love your podcast. I’m learning a lot practicing my english with it. Thank you a bunch !

    • Hey Aline, Sorry about that. It should work now, I fixed it. See under “Free Download: Click on this link, Right Click on the MP3 Player, and Click ‘Save'”