RealLife Radio #132 – Boost your Confidence with Emma from MMM English


G’day mates! (How Australians say hi) We are really happy to be introducing you all to a new friend of ours, another amazing online English teacher from down under (Australia), Emma from MmmEnglish. Emma has been helping people all over the world improve their English speaking skills, confidence, and preparing them for using English in the…

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RealLife Radio #131- The Artificial Intelligence Revolution


Aww yeah, RealLifers! Today we have a very trippy, futuristic podcast, as we talk about the coming Artificial Intelligence Revolution. The is the craziest the RealLife guys have ever talked with their podcast, but listen along, blow your mind, and let’s expand our visions of the emerging future as we talk about the rapidly expanding horizon…

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The Golden Circle of English Fluency


Today I want to share one of the most effective English learning activities I’ve ever taught, guiding you step by step through 3 super important questions critical for English learning success: 1. WHY you’re learning (your purpose, motivation) 2. HOW you’re learning (your method) 3. WHAT is your desired result (your goals and results). Note: whether you’re a…

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RealLife Radio #129 – The RealLife Christmas Special!!


Happy Holidays! We are all back in our motherlands and we wanted to record a special podcast to send our love and warm wishes to you RealLifers during this special time of year! In this week’s podcast, you will learn what Christmas is like in each of our homes (NOT like what you’ve seen on TV) and…

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RealLife Radio #128 – How to Do Anything Better


Do you want to be a better English learner? Or maybe you want to finally lose weight at the gym? Or perhaps become a world-class martial artist? There is a fundamental mindset that can help you do of these things–Really, anything you want! Today we discuss this topic with the one, the only Kevin Conwell from Feel…

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Quick Connected Speech Lesson with BANKS


Hey badass English learner! Do you love learning English with music? Music is wonderful for learning languages because of the natural use of native expressions and slang, as well as the ability to improve your pronunciation by singing along. I am excited to bring you a lesson with one of my favorite singers, BANKS. I…

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RealLife Radio #127 – Become More Outgoing In English


Are you taking yourself too seriously when it comes to speaking English? It’s time to step out of your comfort zone, stop getting too stressed out about what other people think of you, and become a much more outgoing English speaker. Learn new ways to start a conversation and now feel strange or uncomfortable. Aww…

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RealLife Radio #126 – Facebook and American Politics

facebook politics english

Ready to dive into one of the most frequent questions lately? Can you guess what it is? “What the hell is happening in the United States??” As Americans living in Brazil, we have been getting asked A LOT about the recent elections in the United States. Although we are not going to be talking too…

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Learn English with TV (Friends) – Joey’s Perverted Tailor


Hey there, Global Citizen! Today I’m going to be teaching one of the funniest, most vocab-rich Learn English with TV scenes ever. Watch the video lesson below, check the dialogue further down, and be sure to grab your copy of the Free PDF Power Lesson and MP3 Sample that accompany this video. 15 Vocab Words You Will Learn…

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