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RealLife Radio #129 – The RealLife Christmas Special!!


Happy Holidays! We are all back in our motherlands and we wanted to record a special podcast to send our love and warm wishes to you RealLifers during this special time of year! In this week’s podcast, you will learn what Christmas is like in each of our homes (NOT like what you’ve seen on TV) and…

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RealLife Radio #128 – How to Do Anything Better


Do you want to be a better English learner? Or maybe you want to finally lose weight at the gym? Or perhaps become a world-class martial artist? There is a fundamental mindset that can help you do of these things–Really, anything you want! Today we discuss this topic with the one, the only Kevin Conwell from Feel…

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Quick Connected Speech Lesson with BANKS


Hey badass English learner! Do you love learning English with music? Music is wonderful for learning languages because of the natural use of native expressions and slang, as well as the ability to improve your pronunciation by singing along. I am excited to bring you a lesson with one of my favorite singers, BANKS. I…

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RealLife Radio #126 – Facebook and American Politics

facebook politics english

Ready to dive into one of the most frequent questions lately? Can you guess what it is? “What the hell is happening in the United States??” As Americans living in Brazil, we have been getting asked A LOT about the recent elections in the United States. Although we are not going to be talking too…

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What to do without a teacher (Video Lesson)

english without teacher acroyoga

Good Morning, afternoon, or evening where ever you are kickass English learner! Let’s start this lesson with a quick exercise, shall we? It’s very easy, I just want you to shut your eyes and think of something (other than English) that you are good at or that you are currently learning. Let me give you some…

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Are native English teachers really better?


I am going to dispel common myth… A couple weeks ago we discussed whether learners really need to practice with native speakers to achieve fluency. The answer being, in short, that fluency is possible even without making native speaking friends. But another similar misconception I see constantly is that people (even those who are not…

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We’re going to Mars!


In this week’s post, I have some INCREDIBLE news: We’re going to Mars!! … No, this is not a joke. We are not turning our blog into a tabloid. The first humans will arrive on Mars in our lifetime. And really soon in our lifetime–in 2025! And this is not like 1969 when we went to…

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What English Learners can Teach Politicians


Today’s lesson starts with a story (you can probably relate to it). Often when I meet new people, they ask me what I do (normal, right?). Sometimes this is kind of a difficult question to answer. If I’m not in the mood to go into a lot of detail, I just say, “I have my…

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The Truth About Speaking with Native Speakers

speaking English with natives

I’m going to let you in on a little secret today: I’m going to reveal to you one of the biggest lies told to English learners everywhere! Again and again I’ve heard the same question from my students and RealLifers from around the world: How can I speak with native speakers? English learners are always…

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How the Best Teachers Motivate Students

fluency mc podcast

Have you ever had a fantastic teacher? One that made you LOVE whatever subject they were teaching? A teacher who made you excited to go to class every day? We all know what a big difference a good teacher can make. But what makes the best teachers special? How do they motivate us to be…

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