Do you struggle with writing in English?

Would improving your skills at writing help advance your career?

Do you want help proofreading/editing your college essays?

Whatever the reason…

We Can Help

The Real Life Guys have written, edited, and published hundreds of articles and our continually refining our skills.

We enjoy the writing process and would love to help you improve.

If you would like to utilize are writing/editing skills to help you become a better writer, then answer these questions into the contact form below.

  • Why do you want to improve your ability to write? How is it going to help your life/career?
  • What type of writing do you want to work on? (Short articles, long essays, short stories, etc.)
  • What do you think your biggest weaknesses in writing are?
  • What is the best way for us to help you become a better writer?

How much we charge depends on what exactly you’re writing about and how much time we’ll need to spend on it.

For example, technical essays will cost more per word than short stories.

So answer the above questions in the contact form and we’ll respond to your email to discuss the details.

Thank you for your interest.


  • harpreet says:

    I want to improve my writing style because I’am very bad at this.Actually i always face problem while writing like organisation, grammar ,etc.And I really want to learn English and I want to be the best in this as it would help in my career as I want to become an I.A.S officer or Indian Foreign Services i.e in civil services so please help me in doing this. I will be very grateful to you. Thank you!

  • i am very poor in writing and speaking English. Hope you can help me.

  • i am poor in writing and speaking english. Can you please help me. Thank you

  • Soel Park says:


    I’m interested in your article and I’d like to get some practical help from you in writing my 3500 words academic essay (e.g. please edit when sentences do not make sense).

    Before making a decision, please let me know how much (approximately) I have to expect to pay.

    Thank you.


  • Yasir Arabzai says:

    Hi there .

    I am M.Yasir Arabzai from Peshawar,Pakistan
    I like writing in English .
    I want to build my writing skill for TOEFL exam .
    I love Writing Articles , short essays and short stories.
    i can`t punctuate and i can`t use the word in the best place where it,s needy …

    If you help me that will be a successful day for me and i will the TOEFL exam.

    Faithfully your brother Yasir Arabzai

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