Dynamic Exchange Course in Toronto, Canada with RCIIS

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Interested in studying abroad in Toronto, Canada? Real Life English has teamed up with RCIIS to give our readers an amazing study abroad experience.

So what is RCIIS and what makes them great?

The Royal Canadian Institute of International Studies (or RCIIS) is an English school located in downtown Toronto, Canada.

RCIIS has a dedicated, talented, and professional staff, an innovative curriculum, and because it is in Canada’s largest city, it is an exciting environment in which to master your English. RCIIS offers individual help through career counselors and academic counseling in order to guarantee your success.

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There are various business classes and internships and courses to help you improve your speaking and your accent. Potential internships include the following areas:

  • Finance and Accounting/ Business Administration
  • Advertising, PR and Marketing/ Human Resources/ International Trade/ Sports/ Logistics/ Engineering
  • Interior Design/ Graphic Design/ Computer Science/ Tourism and Hospitality
  • Mass Media (Radio, TV, Film)/ Medical fields/ Airline industry/ Music

RCIIS S.T.A.R. accent reductionRCIIS is an awesome school for you experience abroad because it has classes that you can’t find anywhere else. There are some great business classes, but perhaps the most interesting is their Accent Reduction class (called S.T.A.R.) and Power Speaking.

In this program you will improve your pronunciation so you will no longer be embarrassed speaking and you will therefore have more opportunities to make new friends. You will increase your English vocabulary and practice speaking in front of a public. You’re going to obtain the skills to speak naturally and more fluently.

This is different than any class in Brazil because you will also learn expressions, slang, and cultural language so that you will be successful speaking outside of the classroom.

But the biggest advantage to studying with RCIIS isn’t what you’ll learn in the classroom. It is what you will have the opportunity to learn living in a country outside of Brazil. RCIIS gives you the opportunity to live with a Canadian family. Through this you will experience the language and culture in an authentic manner. You will see how North Americans live daily life and you will always have someone with whom to practice the English you are learning with RCIIS.

RCIIS Toronto When you’re not in the classroom, you’re going to discover the city of Toronto, which is the capital of Ontario. On the bottom-left part of RCIIS’s homepage you’ll find the recent news of the community, including events currently going on in Toronto. For example, this week there is a Zombie walk for Halloween and the Chocolate Festival of Toronto. RCIIS keeps you up to date with all of the worthwhile events. For RCIIS the most important thing is that you have a great experience.

Now that you know more about RCIIS and their classes it is time for you to look up all of the opportunities waiting for you in Canada. You will learn a lot more than you could remaining in Brazil and taking classes in an English school. RCIIS offers much more. If you choose to study English abroad, it will be one of the best, most memorable experiences of your life. You’ll make friends (both Canadians and other exchange students like yourself), you’ll experience a different culture, and you’ll learn much more than just the English language. It’s an opportunity for you to grow immensely. What are you waiting for? Check out RCIIS and do something different!

Don’t forget to check out RCIIS’s webpage (available in several languages, including Portuguese) and Real Life English’s Exchange Blog.

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  • […] Dynamic Exchange Course in Toronto, Canada with RCIIS […]

  • […] Dynamic Exchange Course in Toronto, Canada with RCIIS […]