US-City-Quiz-480x547Have you ever wanted to travel or move to the United States? Where would you go?

New York? 

San Francisco? 

Los Angeles? 



Or somewhere else? 

Our friends at Kaplan have got a quick, awesome new quiz that will show you the PERFECT American city for you! Curious whether you’re more of a New Yorker or a Californian?

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  • Nadia says:

    oh, I’m Washington D.C, awesome! … they say “I love being at the seat of power”

  • Ethan says:

    Hehe I’m San Francisco!

  • Rawda.. says:

    Chicago.. I love Chicago ( city of neighborhoods ) I have heard many times that the people are what make Chicago great..
    I wouldn’t mind to move there/visit it if I got the chance one day..

  • anni says:

    Los Angeles – visited it this year and even cried a little when I had to leave.. One day we´ll meet again, City of Angels <3