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  • Tai-Chun Cheng says:

    transcrips are important for you to know much more vocabulary and to confirm my hearing

  • elaine mattos says:

    I listen you guys every day when I go to work. I love you guys. thank you!

  • I really fell in love with your podcasts – I said your podcasts – and use it in our classes to have fun and improve our listening!

  • I'm new for the area, but I'm really loving Real Life English Podcasts. From now on I'm sure I'm going to get better in my English.

  • Giovane Zago says:

    Improve your english with Real Life English Podcasts.

  • I’m realy glad.

  • Hello everybody who's struggling to improve english…these badass guys have a really badass podcast! ohh yeahh..

  • awesome Podcast. thanks guys

  • Thanks guys, you are doing a really nice job. Congrats!, Your podscasts are really helpful for my research project.

  • Tamie says:

    Your podcasts are amazing!!! Thanks!

  • Trevor says:

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. ^_^

  • I ennjoing a lot yours podcasts, your cool style. keep up with your amazing work!

  • I love your podcasts: it's nice when you say "don't be shy". I think that's the key to improve the communication.

  • I am very pleased to join Real Life English Podcasts.hope I will be more fluent speaking English.

  • Abeer says:

    thanks for your help

  • Im new at study english I hope so to help me to improved my language

  • Vitalia says:

    Thanks you guys, it’s very helpful!

  • Koroso says:

    It is good that I have joined a team of professionals in English Help me Speak fluent English in public and private places.

  • Ariane Blondet says:

    Your podcasts are really good, the’ve helped me a lot!
    Thank you!

  • listening to your podcasts are the most helpful way i tried in learning english,thank u guys.

  • Best podcasts!!!

  • Nilsa says:

    hey you all …thanks for sends me podcasts …
    i hope learn with then …


  • Zahira says:

    Happy to join you

  • Nadia-nero says:

    real life english is the best thing that’s ever happened to the radio!!

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Yuli Yani says:

    I love the way you presenting the podcast, listening your conversation on podcast really help me to improve my pronounciation and vocabulary as well. Thank you guys you are awesome.

  • chai says:

    l’m not good at english , please help me to learn english

  • Those guys are really good in their job! I'll recommend to all my friends

    • Justin says:

      Thanks, Maikon! We really appreciate your support!

  • Adnane Alife says:

    i am new also

  • Yuwadee W.tada says:

    Real life English always gives the best things to us. I have just visited this audio and found that it really good to me. I am poor in listening skill (i am not a native speaker and i found that listening skill very hard for me to understand people in other countries. I can understand some Thais said but i hardly understand others. I will try to listen it as often as i can.
    Thank you very much

  • Asad Kakar says:

    I am so glade to join Real life English.

  • Fridge says:

    This is the 1st time I join, hope that this site will be helpful for me in preparation for my IELTS test as well as getting more cool foreign friends 😀

  • I really enjoy your podcasts, I always listen to them while cleaning my hose every week. Thanks for help me doing it.