Super Hero English: The Story of 4 Lucky English Students


 Have you ever dreamed about walking down the red carpet with your favorite celebrities?

Well, for four very lucky and creative English students this dream become a reality at the recent launch of the new movie, Thor: The Dark World.

Our friends from Kaplan International, with the help of Marvel, are happy to announce their success in their recently promoted photo competition to celebrate the release of the sequel to this super hero classic, Thor.

Students were asked to dress up like Thor and re-create a scene from the trailer in order to enter into the draw to win this red carpet experience. The four lucky students travelled from the Kaplan College of Cambridge to London by limousine to watch the movie with all the stars and celebrities.

Check out the lucky winners walking down the red carpet like celebrities.

And the lucky winners were…

Ernano Molino, 23, from Italy, Rafael Fraga, 23, and Dalila Simila, 25, from Brazil and Maria Fernanda Rivera, 18, from Venezuela

The winners were chosen out of thousands of other participants who study at the 11 Kaplan International colleges all over the UK and Ireland. This was an overwhelming and exciting experience for all of them and has made their exchange program even more unforgettable.

Ernano, who dressed as Thor in the winning photo, said: “I’m a huge fan of Marvel films so I was totally speechless when I found out that I won! It was so much fun dressing up as Thor with my friends but I never expected to actually win. Traveling from Cambridge to London in a limousine, walking on the red carpet and seeing the stars of the film was the experience of a lifetime.

the team

Above: The winning team at the release 

Four students from Kaplan’s school in Bournemouth were chosen as runners-up and won tickets to watch a special preview screening at Odeon Leicester Square in London to see Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World before its UK release date of October 30th.

Martin Hofschroer, Content Strategist at Kaplan International Colleges, said: “Kaplan students are a talented bunch so it was no surprise to see so many great photos. This was a really fun competition to run and we’re so happy to give the winning students an evening they’ll treasure forever.”

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