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Welcome to the BRAND NEW RealLife English Global Community!!

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We are EXCITED to officially launch RealLife Global, the brand new RealLife English SOCIAL NETWORK, where you can PRACTICE your English, make new FRIENDS, and expand your perspective on the WORLD!

This is just the very first step, and there will be MANY improvements in the coming weeks and months, but right now you can:

  • CHAT with members from around the world
  • Take our English PROFICIENCY Test
  • Have FUN actually USING your English

We’re confident that RealLife Global is going to be a FANTASTIC tool for your English and we’re looking forward to HELPING you take your English to the NEXT LEVEL!


Justin, Chad, and Ethan 

  • NILRA says:

    Wow, that sounds amazing! I’ve been improving my listening comprehension with you guys as I had never done before and improving my speaking would be great, I think this is the next step. All the best, you guys rock!

  • NILRA says:

    Oh, I guess this post is old, sorry I confused, dismiss