Safety on RealLife Global

SafetyAt RealLife, safety is our number one priority, and as the RealLife Global Network grows, we are building systems to create a safe and fun environment.

At this time, all users are required to have a webcam in order to join the Power Chat.

This means that if you are matched with someone and you can’t see their face or the screen is black (just audio) they have their camera covered. This is a violation of the RealLife Global Community Guidelines. Please help us to keep RealLife Global a secure environment by doing the following:

  1. bad connection iconNote down his or her name
  2. Press the ‘bad connection button’ (as shown to the right) and you will not have to talk to this person
  3. ask a questionNext, click the ‘?’ in the bottom-left of the screen and send us a message telling us the name of the person

Your help would be much appreciated, so we can take necessary action against rule-violators like this and keep RealLife Global the best community of English learners, speakers and teachers in the world!

Anything else, please let us know by clicking the ‘?’ button on RealLife Global. Thanks so much for your patience and contributions to the community.

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