RealLife Global Community Guidelines

Before participating in RealLife Global and the Power Chat, please read the following rules and help contribute to the fun, learning environment of our community.

RealLife Mission: To inspire, empower, and connect the world through English

  • Community GuidelinesThis is an English speaking website. All participants should speak English, including if friends join you.
  • Be comfortable at least having a basic conversation in English
  • Be friendly, polite, and respectful. Intolerance, racism or sexism of any kind may lead to immediate permanent removal from the community. 
  • Be helpful, supportive, and patient with those at a lower level than you. Remember that you once were in their position.
  • Respect cultural differences. This includes wearing a shirt.
  • Have an enabled AND unobstructed camera and microphone.
  • Ask for permission in the chat before calling someone.
  • Don’t skip people in the Power Chat (it’s inappropriate to try to speak only with advanced/native speakers or someone of a specific gender)
  • Don’t ask to speak on another platform (like Skype or whatsapp)

Thanks for reading and keeping this the best English learning community in the world…

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  • Fausto García says:

    Thanks for all guys this present is amazing!

    • Justin says:

      Thanks so much for your support Fausto! Aww yeah!!