RealLife Radio Audio Immersion (Lesson 2)

Today we have another exclusive Sample lesson from our RealLife Radio Audio Immersion Course, helping you drastically improve your listening AND start speaking more confidently, naturally, and native-like.

In this Audio Power Lesson Sample, Chad, Ethan, and I are going to teach a ton of new vocab, plus 2 of the most crucial, but almost never taught, native pronunciation rules, and then practice them by imitating a 40 second part of the popular American rap song, Lose Yourself, by Eminem.


  1. Listen to each part (read the Power Lesson)
  2. Stop, study the Power Lesson, take notes (repeat as needed)
  3. Try your best to imitate and learn the 40 second part of the song at the end
  4. (Extra Credit) Download lesson and repeat daily until you can (a) understand at 100% speed without needing to read along, and (b) imitate the entire 40 second part of the song

Listen to Part 1 Below

Part 1 RLR Power Lesson

Listen to Part 2 Below

Part 2 RLR Power Lesson


Listen to Part 3 Below

Part 3 RLR Power Lesson

Listen to Part 4 Below

Part 4 RLR Power Lesson

Listen to Part 5 Below

Part 5 RLR Power Lesson

Part 5b RLR Power Lesson

Listen to Part 6 Below

Part 6 RLR Power Lesson

Part 6b RLR Power Lesson

Part 6c RLR Power Lesson

Listen to Part 7 Below

Part 7 RLR Power Lesson

Part 7b RLR Power Lesson

Listen to Part 8 Below

Part 8 RLR Power Lesson

Listen to Part 9 Below

Part 9 RLR Power Lesson

Part 9b RLR Power Lesson

Part 9c RLR Power Lesson

Part 10 RLR Power Lesson

Lesson Notes:

  • The Length of the above lesson is a combined 11 minutes, which is about 1/3 of the complete weekly lesson we offer RealLife Radio Audio Immersion Students.
  • The Speed of today’s lesson is at 90% speed (10% slower than we speak) to make the lesson more accessible to intermediate students. To help Audio Immersion students gradually adapt, we deliver 3 versions of each MP3 lesson, at 80%, 90%, and 100% speed.
  • Free Download: You can download this entire sample lesson here (not broken up as we did above), including the PDF, and the Mp3 of the lesson and Eminem song (all at 80%, 90%, and 100% speed).
  • anthony says:

    Thanks so much guys, it is very helpful.

  • Pablo says:

    I can’ download it

  • Raimonds says:

    Great job, guys. It was pretty cool to hear sounds of pronunciation, and I’ll be honest, I’ve never been learning so much before and actually in my mother tongue I’m not very rich. My native language is Latvian.

    • Thomas Muller says:

      Hi Raimonds,
      We’re so happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying and learning a lot with our lessons! Keep up the great work!