#234: English for Cafés | How to Order Your Favourite Drink

At RealLife English we’re coffee lovers! That’s why we’re bringing you this podcast in which you’ll learn vocabulary on how to order your favorite coffee, whether you’re traveling abroad or ordering in a café at your local chain. We also talk about details about the specific coffee culture from The US, UK and Australia. 

Key Vocabulary

  • Wake up and smell the coffee
  • Coffee break
  • Talk over a cup of coffee
  • I’d like a/the…
  • Do you have…
  • Can I (please) have the (dish/drink) with (ingredient)?
  • With an extra pump of (ex. caramel)
  • Cappuccino 
  • Frappuccino
  • Single cream | double cream
  • Macchiato
  • Flat White

Other Words You’ll Learn

  • Seasoned 
  • Snobs/snobbish
  • To be sought out / sought after
  • Have a crash
  • Cup of joe
  • Buzzing
  • Cut down on something
  • Gadget
  • Hob
  • Stove

Quick Definitions from the Episode

  • Sip on something: To take small sips of a drink over a period of time 
  • Throw (off) someone: to make someone feel confused.
  • Throw someone on a loop: to completely surprise someone.
  • In the mood for: to feel like doing or having something.
  • Head down (somewhere): go somewhere.

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  • Roberto says:

    Hi guys! I’m writing from Argentina to thank you so much for making this awesome lessons available for people who ,like me, are so passionate about English learning. I send you all my love from the bottom of my heart. Oh yeah!

    • Agnieszka from RealLife English says:

      Aww yeaah, Roberto! We’re happy to help!