#232: Words from Other Languages in English & How We Use Them!

Ethan, Andrea and Ollie are back together in the virtual studio to discuss words used in English that come from other languages in English. These are called loanwords and are very common in everyday (and not so everyday) speech. You’re also probably using some of these loanwords in your native language too. An important aspect of using these words is knowing how to pronounce them, as a few of them have special sounds. Also get ready to have some laughs as Ollie impresses Andrea and Ethan with his French accent!

Words You’ll Learn:

  • The crème de la crème
  • Perk someone up
  • Loan something
  • Loanwords
  • Potpourri
  • Mélange
  • To rock
  • Butcher
  • Cocky
  • Blunder
  • Bless you

Quick Definitions:

  • Knitting a sweater: to make clothing out of wool, using two knitting needles. A sweater is a piece of warm wool or cotton clothing with long sleeves, which covers the top half of your body
  • Under the weather: feeling sick.
  • Humongous = big, huge.
  • Sneak preview: if you get a sneak preview of something, you have a look at it before it is officially published or shown to the public.
  • Flash-forward to: to move quickly to a later point in a story

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  • Alix says:

    Aww Yeahh guys!! Wooow such a mind blowing podcast!👍🤩🔥 I am French🇨🇵 and it cracked me up to listen to your French pronunciation! It was hilarious, thanks a bunch! I am utterly impressed by Ollie’s pronunciation since (yes I use an alternative to ‘because’ 😉😎) it is accurate! But don’t get me wrong, Andrea and Ethan get the hang of it too! 🌸
    It is interesting to learn that you use rendezvous in a romantic context as young people in France tend to use the English word ‘date’ with the English pronunciation to refer to a romantic rendezvous and on the contrary, rendezvous is used by older generations.
    Moreover, the way Ollie said ‘c’est la vie’ is highly well done and even the intonation used was great! ✨
    Thanks a million guys! I am looking forward to listening to another podcast of yours! Have a lovely day 😁🌸🍀✨