Max Ahumada Born in Rosario, Argentina, but raised mainly in Tucuman and in Catamarca, Max Ahumada is a 23-year-old student of English teaching and translation at the National University of Catamarca. He is expected to graduate in early 2015, but in the meantime he fully enjoys his school days pursuing a career that he is truly passionate about.

One of the activities Max does in relation with his love for English and his ability to lead is organizing English conversation meet-ups along with fellow English students every Saturday. In addition to that, every Wednesday he and his friends get together with Rotary exchange students, who are native English speakers from multiple nationalities, to practice and improve their English.

Lately, he has also been taking advantage of Internet as he holds English Practice Google Hangouts on a weekly basis. As a passion-driven person, Max loves other things besides English. He is an astronomer hobbyist who enjoys watching, reading, and listening to a lot of materials related to astronomy, the cosmos, and physics, such as the TV show Through the Wormhole starring Morgan Freeman. Furthermore, he is an avid MMA fan who is always up-to-date on the latest news about the UFC and other major MMA organizations. Last, but certainly not least, and as if all that weren’t enough, Max is into all types of old-school and underground rap music.

Max’s dream is to be successful in all areas of his life: being happy, giving love and being loved. In the near future he plans on traveling to the U.S. to take his English to a new level and to meet new people from all over the world. Before the U.S, Max is heading over Peru and Brazil, where he also hopes to make new friends and get to know better the ones he has already made. Finally, he hopes to found an English school one day, or a Spanish school if he’s living in an English speaking country.

Please contact Max regarding translations at: [email protected]

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