Real Life English Podcast #20 – Expressions involving RELATIONSHIPS

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Words to Know

  • Ear buds– noise receptors in your ear
  • Virtual haircut – life like video, you must hear with headphones
  • Every now and then – sometimes
  • Left over – the remains of something
  • Kink – problems in technology
  • Pop up – to appear unexpectedly
  • Rings a bell – sounds familiar
  • Brutal – a bad or awkward situation
  • Intertwined – to become joined together
  • Shaky – an unbalanced situation
  • Blended – crushed in a blender
  • Dutch – a person/language from the Netherlands
  • Split the bill – divide the bill
  • Blindfold – a piece of fabric used to cover your eyes
  • Set up – organise somthing for someone else
  • Facestalk – to stalk someone on facebook
  • Fiends with benefits – friends who have sexual intercourse
  • Busted -broken


  • New introduction to the podcast
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Shout Outs….

  • iTunes review – Al from Basque Country
  • iTunes review – Sorasoroya Thailand


  • What’s the difference between “Advice” (n) and “Advise” (vb)


  • There’s a thin line
  • On the rocks
  • To go dutch
  • A blind date
  • In the friend zone


  • ANKI – flashcard program used to help remember new vocabulary!!


  • Steven Wright – I busted a mirror and got 7 years bad luck…

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