Real Life English Podcast #7 – Expressions with BODY PARTS

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Words to Know

  • Watermelon – Delicious fruit, 90% of Trevor’s diet
  • Undercover – When something is secret, not many people know
  • A parody – A copy of a famous video/song
  • Old English – English used in centuries ago
  • Hand cuffs – Metal straps used by police officers to hold people’s hands together
  • Unwritten laws – laws in society that everyone knows even though they’re not official
  • Carpentry – Working with wood
  • Midget – A little person, physical ability
  • Convict – Prisoner
  • Condescending– To treat someone as if you are superior to them.


Josh Plotkin (Brazilian Gringo) The release of GRINGO STYLE

Shout Outs

Facebook member of the week –  Muhamad Azeem Sayuti


The difference between “Shall” and “Will”

 Expressions with body parts!

  • Cost an arm and a leg
  • The rule of thumb
  • My hands are tied
  • Give someone the cold shoulder
  • On your toes


discovery the double meaning of “a little condescending.”


How to listen to any podcast in half speed

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  • Great podcast, guys!

  • Muhamad Azeem Sayuti says:

    This is undeniably a great podcast. It's even greater when there's my name on it. Keep doing podcast about expressions or slang since I think that's the major problem non-native speakers are having. Way to go guys!

  • thanks to you guys very interested.

  • Justin says:

    Thanks for saying hi, Khalid, and the compliment. I’ll pass it along to Trevor and Chad. Take care and let us know if there’s anything we can do to get better.

  • thank you, I've learnt a lot.

  • Dacil Fumero says:

    Hi, is it possible to download the infographic?

  • Dacil Fumero says:

    Hi, is it possible to download the infographic?

  • Florence says:

    Keep up with the jokes; they are funny !