Real Life English Podcast #6 – Expressions Related to PARTYING

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Words to Know

  • Cruisy – Very relaxed and stress-free
  • Stay tuned – Continue listening
  • Meet upArrange to meet with your friends
  • Carnaval Traditional Brazilian festival
  • GringoName given to foreigner in Brazil
  • Can/box of juiceTwo different ways juice is served
  • Tie upUse an elastic strap to hold your hair
  • Uptight A person who is very formal and conservative
  • Business mindsetTo understand and think a lot about business
  • Poop defecate
  • Designated driverA friend who doesn’t drink and is responsible to drive
  • Costume Clothes used to change your identity, usually superheroes
  • Hold backTo not do something you want to do
  • Funky Very cool and with rhythm
  • AçaíBrazilian fruit from the Amazon
  • To get a jokeTo understand the humor of a joke

Shout Outs

Facebook member of the week – Rawda Essam Hejazy – Egypt
Pancho/Et33 – Itunes reviews


The difference between “other” and “another” by @viraav23.

Expressions related to partying!

  • Let your hair down
  • Party pooper
  • To go all out
  • Paint the town red
  • Social Butterfly


Explanation of “that’s what she said.”


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Fight for Your Right to Party

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  • Great podcast with Trevor ? Pirtle ? and Chad Fishwick! Way to go, guys!

  • Awesome podcast, you guys are doing an amazing job, keep it up, congrats!

  • According to the website, which link I’m pasting below, the reason that many men dress up like women in Carnaval is the attempt of showing a kind of affection that, due to brazilian society which says that a man who shows his emotions very easily is an efeminate man, cannot be shown every day. That’s why there is no ‘bloco’ with women dressed up like man, for you can easily see women dressed up with man’s clothes at work, in the stadiums, at school, etc. That makes men restrain feelings and Carnival provides a period of the year that ‘everything is allowed’, because it’s pretense.


    • Justin says:

      good explanation! that helps me understand a lot!

  • I’ve just found this website on internet and I must admit: I’m loving it!!! Keep up the good work guys!!

  • Florence says:

    Lol, I got it !