Real Life English Podcast #17 – Expressions Related to WEATHER

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Words to Know

  • Shade- different tones of colours
  • Skeptical- to not like or believe in something before you try it
  • Root for/cheer for- to support a team or a person
  • Spring out- appear suddenly
  • Spot light- light used for attracting attention to someone
  • Stage- elevated floor where people perform
  • Wheeze- noise made when having breathing problems
  • Kinky- a person who likes strange styles of sex
  • Get along- to have a good relationship with someone


  • The Real Life Party was awesome, with 151 people showing up, next one is probably the 25th of May
  • Trevor eats a ridiculous amount of food for lunch and only pays about $4 (R$ 8.50) (see photo).

Shout Outs


  • What’s the difference between “oh yeah!” and “awwwww yeah.”


  • A fair weather friend
  • To steal someone’s thunder
  • Under the weather
  • Come rain or shine
  • Snowed under


  • Have fun and Learn English reading Marvel comics at any convenient time


  • Why did the parrot die?!?!

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