Real Life English: Happiness Idioms

Do you ever find it difficult to describe how you are feeling in English? Do you get tired of answering, “Good,” when someone asks you, “How are you?”

Make Your English More Exciting

Today we have eight awesome idioms to spice up (enrich) your English!  You can really surprise native speakers by mastering and using these expressions to describe how you are REALLY feeling.

These idioms all have to do with happiness. When you are feeling great don’t just say, “I’m great,” say it in a way that truly shows how good you feel!

So does learning English make you as happy as a clam? Then let’s learn some new, real life Expressions!

These amazing illustrations come from Kaplan. They will really help you to remember each expression. If you love this and it helps you improve your English, then check out their site!

Happiness in English

Use These Expressions in Real Life

Let’s take our learning to the next level with some examples:


1. -“Hey Rodrigo, how did you like your trip to New York?”

-“I had a whale of a time shopping on 5th Avenue!”

2. I though I was going to fail my English test, but I got an A! I’m on cloud 9 today.

3. I’m tickled pink that you remembered that today is my birthday!

4. Cameron just got a scholarship to study English for six months in London. He’s really on top of the world!

5. Look at that big smile on your face, you look as happy as a clam!

6. He’s been buzzing ever since he passed the TOEFL exam.

7. We would be over the moon if we won the lottery.

8. Jenna is always in seventh heaven when she eats good chocolate ice cream.

Improve Your English Even More

Want to take your learning even further? Then remember to put these expressions in Anki to help you memorize them and start using them every day. Don’t have Anki? Learn more about this magnificent tool here.

If you enjoyed this article, then go check out the other great resources Kaplan has to offer.

Want to practice? Make your own examples with these expressions and post them in the comments below. We’ll correct you if you make mistakes.

  • Rodrigo Penna says:

    Nice work, dude! By the way, I’m gonna try making use of Anki. I’ve never heard about this tool, but it seems damn awesome!

    Keep it up!

  • Aicha Berra says:

    I like it tankyou so much.

  • Tatiana Guarnizo Tole says:

    Thanks 🙂

  • Thanks a lot for sharing the idioms, it's so interesting, we can choose many alternative s to share our happiness

    • Asslamu alaikum orang majalaya ! Kumaha damang ? Masih ingatkah kabdi waktos di mepa ?

  • adonis says:

    i’m feeling on top of the world because i’m reading and understanding these articles as well.

    “Are you looking for a awesome group to helps you improve your English? Now, you can join on RLE, you will feel on cloud nine! ”


    Tks Ethan, you did a great work!

  • Mustafa Kemal Co?kun says:

    idioms are very important for communicating.they enrich our conversations.

  • Mahtab Sgh says:

    was helpful thx 🙂

  • Manuel Mbavu says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips.

  • No doubts that this post is amazing! It's very straight and useful. but I'd like to ask something more, Of course , I know or I wonder how hard it is, to spend time to build the site page and review and profread for two or three times , however It will be delight to find that tool to hear the podcast, only with the sentences, I mean, that will be useful for the beginner. Some students, as in the early year their development, neeed to hear the words to understand and make sense after all. I love to read this page, and felt for who cant understand nothing yet.

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