Real Life English: Food Idioms

Kaplan Big Cheese English Idiom

Do you feel like your vocabulary in English is boring? Do you not know enough idioms to express yourself like you would in your native language?

Make Your English More Exciting

A broad vocabulary is a vital part of learning any language, so today let’s enrich our English vocabulary with eight fantastic expressions related to food.

You can really surprise native speakers by mastering and using these expressions and knowing them will make you the top banana of other learners.

Don’t be a couch potato! Let’s learn Real Life English!

These amazing illustrations come from Kaplan. They will really help you to remember each expression. If you love this and it helps you improve your English, then check out their site!

food idioms

Use These Expressions in Real Life

Let’s take our learning to the next level with some examples:


1.  Josh got 100% on all three chemistry exams, what an egg head!

2. Steve Jobs was the big cheese of the technological world.

3. It’s a beautiful day outside! Don’t be such a couch potato; go and play with your friends.

4. Jose got a 51% on his last English test, but he’s a tough cookie. He won’t give up.

5. Many people agree that George Clooney is the top banana of Hollywood actors, but I think Johnny Depp is much better.

6. My brother said I must be a bad apple after I went to jail for drinking and driving.

7. His criticisms of our iPhones are just sour grapes because his parents won’t buy him one.

8. Bob’s new car broke the day after he bought it. Luckily, he was protected by lemon law and exchanged it for another one.

Improve Your English Even More

Want to take your learning even further? Then remember to put these expressions in Anki to help you memorize them and start using them every day. Don’t have Anki? Learn more about this magnificent tool here.

If you enjoyed this article, then go check out the other great resources Kaplan has to offer.

Want to practice? Make your own examples with these expressions and post them in the comments below. We’ll correct you if you make mistakes.

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