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RLE Quotes Thumb(This post was written by RLE Facebook administrator Laura A. Hill)

What’s your favorite quote? Are you in love with your favorite actor’s quotes? How often do you look for one when you want to overcome a problem?

Nobody can deny the importance of quotes in our lives: when a person disappoints you, when you’re stuck in traffic, or even when you’re in the bathroom and there’s no toilet paper! We take courage from them to overcome bad situations.

But why do we have to depend on a computer or a magazine? Do you know what I mean? I think there’s a part of you that wants to let us know your bright ideas. Your brain is asking for you to try. I can hear it!

What’s the challenge?

A few weeks ago, we were glad to give your brain the chance to participate in the 2nd RLE Quote Competition called “The shorter, the better”. Can you remember what it was about? Very easy! For six days, the participants came up with their very own quotes about anything they thought was interesting.

1st quotes competition on facebook –  2nd quote competition on facebook

 Oh! Did you miss it? What a shame! Unluckily, the 2nd RLE Quotes Competition was unique and unrepeatable… so just enjoy the 3rd RLE Quotes Competition which is coming soon! Tell your brain to warm up and take part in it. Join us in the next competition, show us your creativity, but above all, enjoy!

“What’s the aim of eating a delicious cake without tasting it?” (by Laura A. Hill when she was really starving).

But now, before participating in the next competition, I’m sure you want to know what happened in the last one.

“The past is not only the past, but your current teacher”

(by Laura A. Hill in an inspired moment).

We all can learn a lot from the other members of the Real Life English community. I want you to take a look at the awesome quotes the participants’ brains came up with. I must admit I thought this would be different, I mean, I expected us (the judges) to decide who the winner was at the drop of a hat (very easily), but you guys made this decision pretty difficult! Do you want to know who the winner was? Congratulations to Roberto Aguado! He amazed us with this awesome thought.


What was his inspiration?

“Well, my inspiration came from considering how many people are unhappy in this world and continuoulsy want more and more material things. People tend to be  optimistically greedy, thinking that the more they have is going to make them happy”.

In recent times, this is a thing we all think about all the time, when we turn on the TV or read news about the big injustices that happen around the world. Thank you, Roberto Aguado, for writing such awe-inspiring words.

And who got the silver medal? Awesome quote, Selma Lisan!

Selma Maybe an onion cannot become an apple, but an amazing quote like this will surely become an inspiration to lots of people. But, as I said before, the choice has been very very difficult. I think you’ll understand why when you read other quotes.

  • “Love is so priceless that not even with love you can pay for it” (by Letízia Fazito).
  • “Sometimes you have to let the old go for something new happen and surprise you. Because life is like that. It hits you and takes away something that you really want in return for something better” (by Elton Fabricio).
  • “Everything changes all the time. But sincere bonds, based on true love and friendship, are forever and ever” (by Adonis Marcos).
  • “For every silly heart that speaks the reality of us, there is an astute conscience to hide it” (by JJ OL).
  • “Love is a shorter way to learn English and a better way to spread the peace” (by Ali Al Karan).

They are awesome, aren’t they? Keep up the good work!

What you have to do in order to participate

Did you like them? Would you like to try it too? Then, you have to:

(1) Start participating more in the RLE facebook community

(2) Turn on your brain (I don’t recommend the automatic mode) and try your best!

(3) Sit down with a big bucket of popcorn and enjoy the show!

“I don’t like the people who spend most of their lives giving advice nobody has asked for, but I hate the ones who don’t even give advice to themselves”.

(by Laura A. Hill)

  • JJ OL says:

    Ohhhhhh GOsh! good work Laura! for real! =)

  • Great post, Laura! When will be the next 3rd RLE Quotes Competition?