The RealLife English Podcast #47 – Travel Tips (with transcript and pronunciation lesson)

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Some Connected Speech Examples:

  • Would you – “Woul-dja”
  • I don’t know  – “I-dunno”
  • What do you think? – “Wha-da-ya-think?”
  • We can – “we-kin”

Words to Know:

  • Scramble – to move and mix, commonly done with eggs
  • Petition – a formal request signed by people for city changes
  • Wear out – to use something so much that it becomes old and of bad quality
  • Beieber fever – a symptom of being a Justin bieber fan


  • Rafael Paz – 5 star iTunes review: “Hey guys, I’d like to say thank you for everything you’re doing to help other people speak English. I really like the way you make and teachyour lessons. It’s definitely the easy and faster way to learn English for sure. Keep it up guys, you’re doing a great job. And please, have a party in Florianópolis too.P.S.: Last night I watched a video from you on YouTube for the first time and guys, I can’t not mention that Trevor looks like a mix of James Franco and Jimmy Page’s style, man.”


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