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Although our online community has thousands of members from all over the world, we do local events. And we’re expanding to a city near you! Click the link below for more information.

We look forward to meeting you in person!

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  • karl mooney says:

    hi Guys,
    we met in BdJs some time back.
    I am the local representative for Elance the freelancing website.
    I was wondering if I could make a presentation to your community about elance.
    let me know and I can discuss this with you further.

  • Walido Doué Wali says:

    hello guys! I'm an English teacher from Algeria, I am in charge of social events and I really need your help with some ideas, games, events.. I should be grateful if:) you could help me in this! thank you 🙂

    • Justin says:

      Hey Walkido, awesome to see you on here. Send us a message at [email protected] and let us know what questions you have!

  • Jesse says:

    Hi RLE,

    This blog it´s amazing with very interesting articles. I´m improve my english and would like to open a room discussion using program like Paltalk to learn english and discuss articles written in RLE blog.
    What do you think?


    • Justin says:

      Hey Jesse, Thanks for the e-mail. That’s awesome to hear your idea. We would love to do that. I’m not that familiar with the program though. Have you worked with it before? Have you checked out our Facebook community?
      We’re open to ideas! Take care. -Justin

  • Great! I loved this videos.

    • I love this. But I am living in Vietnam. It is difficult to come your party. I love English so much.

  • Geoff Watson says:

    Hello RLE Guys, One of my Brazilian students told me about your FB page. I’m from Vancouver, but I’ve been living in Santiago, Chile for 3 years. My Spanish is good, and I’ve been working on transitioning some of it into a basic level of Portuguese. I’m passionate about communication based language learning, and I’m trying to offer online conversation classes at the best price possible. If you guys need another Skype /Google Hangout instructor, please let me know. In terms of fitting in with the vibe of RLE, I may not be much of a “Cool Cat” anymore, but I’m somewhat down with what’s hip. Good luck with your project! Geoff

  • Do Van Dien says:

    today is a beautiful day.