New Expression: Seal the Deal

seal-the-dealThis week’s expression is an interesting one! Why? Because, depending on the context, you might be talking about success in the office or success in the bedroom!

This week’s expression is Seal the Deal.

Expression Breakdown:

Seal the deal’s original meaning is to come to an agreement, to close a deal. The etymology of this would be to come to the point in an agreement where you would actually affix a contract with a wax seal (perhaps you have seen this in a medieval show or movie).

However, perhaps even more common nowadays is to use this expression to refer to sexual relations. This would almost always be said by a man referring to a woman.

Below I have some examples and a short video that will really help you put this expression in context and start using it without getting caught in an embarrassing situation!

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Start Using this Expression:

  • Facebook recently sealed the deal on a contract for 20 million dollars.
  • The car salesman was able to seal the deal by throwing in an extra year of warrantee.
  • Taking her to a fancy dinner sealed the deal.
  • If he doesn’t make a move soon, he’ll never seal the deal. He’ll be stuck in the friend zone.
  • He sealed the deal with her at the lake house.

I want to hear your best example! Give me an example using both meanings of this expression in the comments below.

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  • Nestor Herrera says:

    After making out for few minutes, We sealed the deal. It was an awesome hook up!

    • Chad Fishwick says:

      A few minutes… you move quick Nestor hehehe

  • Ironmau Hernández says:

    Great job!

  • Chad Fishwick says:

    Max Power… you seal my deal 🙂

  • Nick says:

    Two big computer company sealed the deal on using theirs lines.

  • Steven Willwerth says:

    I will seal the deal with this new expression…