London English: 16 Phrases & Places Every Learner Needs to Discover

I feel like almost every English learner I meet is dying to go to London!

It’s one of the historical capitals of Europe–a mix of modernity and the past. Not to mention, it’s one of the most multicultural cities in the world; a place where you have the opportunity to meet foreigners from every corner of the globe.

The English in London has been hugely influenced from other cultures, especially African and Caribbean due to British colonization.

With this in mind, and in case you plan on taking a trip to the capital of the United Kingdom, today you are going to learn about 8 of the most important places and 8 interesting slang terms in London.

Kaplan International, which has several English schools of their own in London, did a survey on their students’ favorite places to visit their. They created this awesome videographic, compiling iconic parts of the English city, and giving you a virtual tour.

Check out the full survey and learn more about London at Kaplan International, here.

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8 Fun London Slang Terms

1. “All right?” is something you might hear a local ask you if you visit London. It means, “Hello, how are you?” The most probable response would be to ask back, “All right?”. You might also hear someone ask you, “All right, mate?” if you have a friendlier relationship.
London English

2. Nicker is 1 £. If a jacket costs 50 pounds, you could also say it costs 50 nicker.

3. The 5-O is something we hope you won’t have an encounter with while in London–it means the Police!

4. Long means that something is boring or repetitive

5. Skeen is the same as saying “I agree.”

6. Butters is something that’s bad, negative, or ugly.

7. Wah gwarn, although it doesn’t even sound like English, is another term like “All right?” that you might hear used to say hello or ask how you are doing.

8. Wavey is another way to say that something is cool.

That’s it!

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  • All right Guys. What a wavey site ! No one can say that is long or butters !
    skeen? Actually, I'm not buttering you up! skeen? take care!

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