How to Easily Learn English with Twitter

learn-english-twitterTwitter is a great way to learn English in small doses [amounts].
Because the maximum post can only be 140 characters, it’s much simpler than reading a long text.
By following a lot of English Twitter accounts, every time you log into Twitter, you’re bound [sure] to see a lot of great English tips in your feed.
If you have a smart phone, whenever you have downtime [when you have nothing else to do, like waiting in line], you can quickly open up your Twitter feed and practice a little English.
When learning any language, it’s important to practice and condition your brain to the language every day, even if it’s just a little bit. Remember, just a few minutes here and there will really add up over time.
And Twitter is an easy, free way to get bite-sized [small, short] English tips.
As was previously mentioned, tweets are short. So what can you learn in 140 characters?

What English Can I Learn with Twitter?

Listed below are some examples of tweets you can find on the Real Life English Twitter feed every day.

  • TOEFL—Sorry to be late. I was delayed by _____. [a heavy traffic/heavy traffic/some heavy traffic/traffic being heavy]. (Answer in 15min)
  • SLANG—Grub: food. Example: “Let’s go get some grub, I’m starving.”
  • JOKE—42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot. (made up=invented, on the spot=without prior planning or research)
  • PHRASAL VERB—Chip in: help. Example: If everyone chips in we can get the kitchen painted by noon.
  • QUOTE—“You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.” ?Geoffrey Willans
  • VIDEO—What are people saying about Real Life English?
  • PICTURE—Learn about prepositions!
  • GRAMMAR—Conjugate into past simple or present perfect—I [ know ] Julie for three years – we still meet once a month. (answer in 15min)

As you can see, there’s a ton [a huge amount] of English you can learn in such a small period of time.
Besides these English tips, RLE also tweets our articles, our podcasts, TED talks, and other random English tips.

But we’re not the only Twitter account out there!

Different people tweet different things, and you can definitely learn all kinds of valuable stuff on Twitter.
But sometimes it’s difficult to organize yourself on Twitter. If you want to focus specifically on learning English, you need to learn…

How to Make a List of English Twitter Users

Creating a list of Twitter users specifically for English will greatly help you to focus specifically on learning English and keep you from getting distracted by other tweets.
While this is great for all different types of users, it’s especially helpful for people who are following lots and lots of people.
If you don’t know how to create a list, check out the image below.

How to Add @RealLifeEng to a List:

0. Click on the RLE profile
1. Click the little person icon
2. Click the button “Add or remove from lists…”
From here, you can either create a new list, or add the person to an existing list.

How to View Your Lists

1. To view your lists, click “Me” at the top menu bar (your Twitter account is in English, right?)

2. Click on lists on the bottom left menu bar

3. Click on your English list

When you want to focus on your English learning, you can switch to your “English list” and when you want to go back to your normal feed just click “Home.”
It’s easy!
So now that you’ve got a list set up, it’s time to follow some awesome English tweeps [Twitter people].

Did you like what you read?

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We enjoy showing how you can use technology to greatly improve your English.

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  • Rodrigo Penna says:

    Great article, Trevor! Keep it up!

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