Learn a new expression: Out of Sorts

out-of-sortsDo you ever just not have a great day or week? Maybe it’s just not enough sleep, or being overwhelmed by family, or a big upcoming event like a wedding… and you’re just left feeling out of sorts.

This week’s expression is Out of Sorts.

Expression Breakdown:

Out of sorts means that you don’t quite feel yourself. You’re grumpy, irritated, even angry. A lot of us might feel this way Monday morning or Friday afternoon, impatiently waiting for the weekend.

Below, I wanted to share with you some more examples, so you can start using this expression and make it a part of your active vocabulary right away. If you need help remembering this and other new terms, check this out.

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Start using this expression:

  • Sorry I yelled at you, I’ve been feeling out of sorts.
  • She’s been feeling out of sorts since her dog died.
  • I’m feeling a bit out of sorts, I think I better take a nap.
  • My boss always makes me feel out of sorts.
  • You seem a bit out of sorts today. What’s wrong?

What makes you feel out of sorts? Comment below now!

  • Joyce Chang says:

    Thinking of the coming exam, I’m feeling out of sorts.
    I’m not sure If this sentence is grammatical……

    • Ethan says:

      Perfect example, Joyce 🙂

  • KRISHNA VENI Thakur says:

    since morning, I’m feeling out of sorts

    • Ethan says:

      *Since this morning I’ve been feeling out of sorts*

      Great job! Way to make it a part of your active vocabulary 🙂

  • haroun says:

    Before I found this website of yours, I’m always out of sorts.

    Thank you guys!

    • Ethan says:

      Before I found this website of yours, I was always out of sorts due to my English.*

      Aww Yeah! So great to hear we’re helping you Haroun 🙂

  • Nestor Herrera says:

    I’ve been out of the sorts for weeks after being cheated on fixing my car computer. that “fake cost arm and a leg It really pissed me off! Sorry for the rude words!