How You Can Participate

introduce yourself

We would love to invite you to meet the RLE world community with our community building project, “Introduce Yourself to the World.” You will have the chance to meet people from all over the world, practice your English, and make new friends.

To participate, please follow these instructions:

1. Make sure you are an official member of the RLE Facebook Group. We also send out updates from our newsletter.

2. Record a short audio (or video) introducing yourself in both English AND your native language. See examples

2. You can use a free program called audacity to record and/or edit, or a different method. Here’s a short tutorial on how to use audacity. If you record audio, please make sure you send it in MP3 format. If you record a video, please upload it to youtube.

3. Please send to [email protected] *IMPORTANT: Please include (1) a complete transcription of your introduction (both languages) and (2) a picture of you
  • Doris Molero says:

    Dear Real Life for English… we'd love to join your project… so we'll be sending our participation, soon.. 🙂

  • Ronaldo Machado de Bonfim says:

    I need to train pronunciation. I’m from Brazil and this is new to me. Somebody can help me?