Idiom: Play that Card (with video!)

play-cardWhether discussing race, gender, or religion, this week’s expression is quite commonly used to describe the actions of politicians.

This week’s expression is play that card.

Play that Card

The most common way this expression is used is by inserting a word describing the ‘card’ being played: Play the ___ card.

Often if you are quarreling about something, you might play a card that will give you an argumentative advantage, or perhaps that is not directly related to the topic at hand, but still gives you a seeming advantage.

This is probably derived from card games, like Poker, in which you might play a high card in order to win (and if you’re cheating you might have it hidden up your sleeve!).

You might hear this in politics when someone is trying to make a sort of distraction. If one person is arguing against Obama as a presidential candidate, a person who is pro-Obama might say, “Oh you don’t like him, you must be racist.” This person is playing the race card. Whether or not it’s true, it can give the person ‘playing’ it an argumentative advantage.

Learn a lot more about this expression and how to use it by watching the short video and looking at the examples below!

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 Start Using this Expression:

  • 1) “Oh you don’t like Hilary Clinton? You must be sexist.” 2)”Don’t try to play the gender card with me!”
  • I don’t think he’s actually that smart, his parents just played the religion card in order to get him accepted to this University.
  • He played the gay card in order to get a table in the restaurant last minute
  • We have to stop electing politicians who win by playing cards based on their race or gender!

I want to hear your example! Have you ever played a card in order to win an argument? Or do you know someone who plays a card in order to win?

  • Nestor Herrera says:

    I am not trying to play the new learner card with you! I`ve been studying English for years!
    We need to stop electing Southamerican politicians who play the Populism card to arise votes from the poorest areas. Mr Trumps plays the migration card to get votes from the radical wing of the Republican party . It is needless to play the naive card with our Real Life`s situations .
    Thanks for the chance !

  • Tripaevidrio says:

    I don’t like the accent of the speaker. He sounds like someone that is not a native. I’m sick and tired of listening to non-native speakers, they convey their ideas, no matter how fluent they may be, in an odd way. Frankly, after listening to this gentleman (man?) talking about “oomph card” I am discouraged. No, thank you, I don’t want to hear him ever again! Good bye and good luck!