Real Life Secrets to Teaching and Learning English

Are you tired of boring English learning methods? Do you wish that you could find a way to practice that’s not only more fun and easier, but also proven to work?

One of the best ways to learn any language is by truly immersing yourself in the culture. When teaching, we love to use English for Life–that is, things that you love to do, but in English.

For example, if you love the television show Friends and you often watch it in your own language, then you could turn this experience into a way to greatly improve your English while learning more about American pop culture by simply watching it in its original form (perhaps with subtitles in English).

Today we are going to share with you an infographic that shows the most popular methods of teaching English. For you language learners, this is also a great source of inspiration and ideas of methods to improve your English. Maybe you’ve already tried some of these, and maybe others you’ve never even heard of!

I recommend that you experiment with some of these different fun ways to practice your English. Play around with them and find which ones work the best for you.  It really is one of the best ways to improve your English and to become a lifelong English learner.

The below infographic is from Kaplan. If you enjoy it, be sure to check out their website, where there are tons of resources just like this that will help you revolutionize your English:


Have you used any of these methods? Let us know what English for Life you use by commenting down below! We’d love to hear your opinions, and by sharing your favorite English for Life, you can help other English learners, too.

If you enjoyed this infographic, then click here for even more great resources from Kaplan.

  • adonis says:

    nowadays, i’m attending classes in my native country, Brazil! It’s cool because i had the opportunity to know people to share ideas and to study with me. Despite this, i love to read RLE’s articles, listen to podcasts and musics. Now, i ought to watch some English videos, i’ve started by Thanks RLE’s guys, you are improving my English.

  • Plácido says:

    Hi there Ethan, how´s it going ? It´s really nice to travel, specially when we have freetime and money too :). You are welcome in Brazil, and the people of “Belô” are more greatfull have beeing you here. Thanks for your teachings.

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  • Yuan Jen Lu says:

    I think " Listening to Music" is more interesting and fun to learn English.
    You can listen to the radio not only news but also music and commercials.

  • Thanks for the tips.

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  • I have used music in my classes and in my life for people around. It is enjoyable singing for me so I sang for my students and they repeated after me. Sometimes we listened cassettes. I tried to find out the words of the songs by listening and writing. Nowadays it's more comfortable to find out them from internet.

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