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Welcome to the hidden podcasts section of Real Life English!

We’ve got three special podcasts (with transcripts!) for you as a thank you for being a part of the Real Life English Community.

This section is about 5 things native English speakers miss most about their country. We’ve got Americans, Australians, and Britons. Enjoy!

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What 5 Things Do You Miss About the U.S.?

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Clike here to view the transcript. The words that are crossed out are mistakes that we made while talking. Don’t worry about making mistakes, everyone does them—even native speakers.

Here’s what’s in the podcast:

  • :56—Why the food in the U.S. is so unique
  • 4:00—All the great stuff the U.S. has
  • 4:55—Josh talks about something he misses that’s politcally incorrect
  • 7:30—What we like about American culture
  • 9:20—How the internet is influencing American culture
  • 10:55—Workshops, seminars, and conferences—what to plan your trip around
  • 11:10—What does “in the same boat” mean?
  • 12:00—An example of a donation-based workshop in Phoenix, Arizona called Omega Vector.
  • 13:45—Summary of the podcast
  • 14:10—What is the U.S. called a “melting pot?”
  • 14:40—How to use meetup.com to find people with similar interests.

What 5 Things Do You Miss About Australia? 

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Here’s what’s in the podcast:

  • :50—Chad talks about the best thing in the world
  • 2:10—What a barbie is and why Chad misses it
  • 2:50—A popular Australian food
  • 3:50—What Chad was a fan of back in Australia
  • 4:50—What makes Australian humor unique
  • 5:25—Chad talks about one of his favorite comedians
  • 6:05—What makes the Australian accent unique

What 5 Things Do You Miss Most About England?


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  • 1:15—What “worse for wear” means
  • 2:00—Why the English breakfast is so awesome
  • 2:50—What “going all out” means
  • 3:40—How England saves you time
  • 4:55—How beautiful it is in England
  • 6:25—Learn about England’s variety of sports
  • 7:25—What “a bitter” is, and the difference between ales and lagers [beers]
  • 7:40—What “fizzy” means
  • 8:30—Learn about the drinking culture in England
  •  8:35—What gung-ho means
  • 10:30—Differences between English and American accent


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  • Well done! Was very interesting and helpful. Keep going guys, cheers!

  • Anahi Farace says:

    Very clever way of doing things! I love it!

  • Awesome podcast! Thanks for sharing!

  • Diego says:

    Hey, Trevor and Chad, what’s up!

    Very good podcast. Thanks for sharing a little bit about Australia and the Australians, and of course, keep up the good work!


  • Cleiton Chone says:


    • Trevor says:

      Thanks for your feedback! Could you give us some examples of where this happened? Thanks!

  • Cleiton Chone says:

    Sorry! I think the problem was with the browser Mozilla Firefox, I opened the podcast in Google Chrome and did not have the problems that occurred in Firefox.

  • Aisha Khairunnisa says:

    ohh nooo, I can not open it! how poor I am!

  • Aisha Khairunnisa says:

    Ohh nooo I can not open it, how poor I am!

  • Ramon Fauzan says:

    Very useful as always 🙂
    Thank you for making the podcast and thank you for sharing 🙂

  • shereen gul says:

    its v good podcast …

  • That's such a wicked podcast!

  • Amino Beco says:

    I really liked it! Enjoyable and interesting, thanks.

  • Maria da Conceição Lelis da Fonseca says:

    The podcast about things you miss about USA is long and with long sentences. There are many unknown words. The pronunciation is a little bit difficult to unsderstand because you are native speakers. I only lost myself in the part that you talk about the charger that Josh brought because there are words that aren’t on the transcript. Do me a favor: check it fort me.
    In the podcast about Australia the pronunciation is clearest, there are less unknown words.
    In the podcast about England Charlie’s pronunciation is difficult to understand because he speaks fast and speaks British English. He said that he sometimes has black pudding which is congealed pigs blood, obviously toast in breakfast and he wash it with milk. Does he eat ( in Portuguese: sangue de porco congelado, tostado e depois lavado com leite?) isn’t it?
    Thank you for everything and a hug