Fun English: Joey’s Thanksgiving Pants

Today is the day after Thanksgiving, a very special holiday celebrated by almost every American every year in November. It’s a time of year that we gather with family, give thanks for everything in our lives, and, of course, eat A LOT!

Therefor, I want to share with you a special and hilarious clip from the TV Show Friends. This is a clip from Season 8, Episode 9 in case you want to watch the whole episode later, but I’ve shared this part with you below.

Here’s a simple 5-step method to maximize your learning: (1) Watch this clip, (2) Read the transcript, (3) Look at the notes (with important vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural references), (4) Re-watch the clip for higher understanding, (5) Improve pronunciation and flow by picking a character and mimicking him or her exactly (use pronunciation notes for aid!).

Enjoy this fun English lesson!

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(Vocabulary in blue, pronunciation in red, cultural notes in green)

Monica: All right okay, just so you know, I’m not going to make a turkey this year.

Joey: What?!

Monica: Well Phoebe doesn’t eat turkey…

Joey: Phoebe!

Phoebe: Turkeys are beautiful, intelligent animals!

Joey: No they’re not! They’re ugly and stupid and delicious!

Monica: All right fine! If it means that much to you! But just—there’s going to be a ton left over.

Joey: No there won’t! I promise I will finish that turkey!

Monica: All right, you’re telling me you can eat an entire turkey in just one sitting?

Joey: That’s right! Because I’m a Tribbiani! And this is what we do!

Monica: Hey, what are you doing? You have got to save room, you’ve got almost an entire turkey to eat.

Joey: Let me explain to you how the human body works.

Joey: That’s it?! Even if nobody helps me I can eat that no problem. At least give me a challenge!

Monica: (laughs) This is Chandler’s chicken. This is the turkey.

Joey's thanksgiving pantsJoey: You are my Everest. I just…I just—I have got to change my pants. Jeans have no give. All right where’s that turkey!

Phoebe: Joey! Those are my maternity pants!

Joey: Not now! These are my Thanksgiving pants!

Monica: Well Joey, we’re all…we’re all very proud of you.

Chandler: Yes, I believe we can expect a call from the President any moment now.

Joey: Whoa—hey—wh-wh-what do you got there? What is that? Pie?

Monica: Yeah, you want some?

Joey: Ah, just cut me a little sliver. A little bigger. Little bigger. What?! Are you afraid you’re gonna run out?! Cut me a real piece!



  • Just so you know – A collocation used to introduce new information
  • Turkey – A large, flightless bird that is commonly eaten on Thanksgiving.
  • If it means that much to you – A collocation showing that something is important to someone
  • Left over – Remaining (also, leftovers are the food that remains from a previous meal)
  • One sitting – During one period of time without stopping
  • Save room – To reserve space (e.g. save room at a table for someone; save room in your stomach for the next meal)
  • Have/got give – To be able to expand
  • Maternity pants – Pants worn by a pregnant woman that expand with her growing stomach
  • What (do) you got? – What do you have
  • Sliver – A tiny piece of something
  • Run out – Finish


thanksgiving-2What are you doing – wuddur yu doing

Turkey to eat – turkey-duh-eat

I just got to change my pants – I jus-godda change my pants

What do you got there? – Wuh-dyu-gaw there

What is that? – wuh-diz-tha

Little – li-dul

Cultural reference:

You are my Everest – Joey uses this metaphor to say this is the biggest challenge of his life, like climbing the tallest mountain on Earth might be for someone.

Thanksgiving pants – In the U.S., it is common knowledge that you get very full on Thanksgiving and shouldn’t wear tight pants. This is why Joey takes Phoebe’s maternity pants as his new ‘Thanksgiving pants’.

Expect a call from the president – If you accomplished something extremely grandiose in the U.S., especially something to make the country proud, the President might personally congratulate you. This is why Chandler exaggerates with his typical sense of humor.

Watch the Clip Again

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