Real Life English Podcast #8 – Expressions with HANG

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Words to Know

  • Mighty fine – Really good
  • Stay up-to-date – To know all the recent news
  • Stick around – Don’t go anywhere, stay with us
  • Procrastinate – Don’t do things you should be doing
  • Follow through – To continue what you started
  • Cheesy – Lame, not cool
  • Give up – Stop doing something
  • Struggling – Having difficulty
  • Chilling/Chillin’ – Relaxing, sometimes with friends
  • Pad – Slang name for “house”
  • Fancy – Of a very rich and pretentious quality
  • Dave Chapelle – Funny American comedian (see clips)
  • Fortune teller – Someone who can tell you your fortune/future
  • At large – A wanted criminal
  • Word play – Changing words to make a joke

Shout outs

  • @Yago_yago


  • What’s the difference between “wake up” and “get up?” by @khader_z
  • What should I do if I want to speak English clearly & fluently even though I live in a non-English speaking country? by @noviaaabas


  • Get the hang of something
  • Have something hanging over your head
  • Leave me hanging
  • Hang in there
  • Hang out


  • How to get a foreign exchange partner with


  • “A small medium at large” ????

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  • Shabrawy Salem says:

    wonderful to be used in classes.

  • Marc Pereira says:

    awesome, you blokes make learning English a lot more fun.. love you blokes.. no homo! kk

  • Maram Mimy says:

    Really, I find it beneficial for me. Thanks a lot.

  • Basima Ebrahim says:

    what amazing source of learning.Thanks.