Everyday Phrasal Verbs: Problems

Do you find memorizing phrasal verbs frustrating? It’s ok, most English learners do!

The trick is to relate phrasal verbs to the vocabulary and cognates that you already know, and to pay attention to their use in everyday life (TV, books, podcasts, etc.).

Today, to help you out, we have a special exercise that’s going to simplify some phrasal verbs for you. All of these relate to speaking about problems (like the problems you might have with memorizing phrasal verbs!)

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***Answers below***

phrasal verbs hot englishTo help you memorize all of these new phrasal verbs, we highly recommend you check out the dynamic application Anki.

Now check your comprehension below with the answers:

1. complicated; 2. urgency; 3. discuss; 4. smoothly; 5. idea; 6. later; 7. morning; 8. vote

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