Episode #11 – Expressions with SLEEP

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Words to Know

Awesome- another way to say cool
Stick around to stay in the same place
Morphing- to cut words and mix them, ex. want to/ wanna
With ease- to do something with no difficulty
Sack- a bag generally used for holding potatoes
Hay- dried grass usually eaten by farm animals
Nap- a very quick sleep
another word for sleep
to so something without thinking about it very much
Jab- to punch, can be used to express an insult
Gut- your stomach or belly
Couch- sofa
to diagnose incorrectly
to use or apply incorrectly
relieves pain, cures disease, or corrects a disorder


The Real Life English PARTY is back. We have started our English speaking parties again and we all had an awesome time.

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What should I do to learn pronunciation with easy ? Listening music or what? Watching film? Or what? @IGotSooYoung


  • To hit the sack
  • Asleep at the wheel
  • Cat nap
  • Sleep on it
  • You snooze you lose


We tell you how you can meet new people, practice your English and find a place to stay when travelling through COUCH SURFING


Trevor tells us a funny joke about politics

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  • Great podcast! Working Sundays, way to go! =)