English Podcast #34 – Gangster Expressions

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Words You’ll Learn

  • Saudades
  • Missing in Action (M.I.A)
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
  • C.E.O.
  • Shrink
  • Short and sweet
  • A’ight
  • Grillz
  • To rock something
  • Let’s make like a banana and split
  • Banana split
  • Earmuffs (literal and figurative)

Words to Know

  • Yakuza – organized crime group in Japan
  • Russian roulette – a game where you put a gun with one bullet in it to your head and take turns pulling the trigger
  • Revolver – a type of gun similar to a pistol
  • (When something is) behind you – you’re not worry about it anymore, it’s in the past
  • Abundance – a large quantity of good things
  • Maxing out – the most something can do/get
  • Bribed – to persuade someone with often illegal offers
  • (To do something) rain or shine – You’re going to do it no matter what the weather is like
  • Aww yeah – not ohh yeah
  • Cali – short for California
  • Kidnapped – when someone is taken by force, generally to get a ransom [money]
  • Sprinkle – to drop/pour/scatter small drops of a substance over something


  • The 30th RLE Party in Belo Horizonte on Saturday the 14th. <LINK>
  • The first RLE party in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday the 19th.
  • The first RLE party in Barcelona on Thursday the 19th.

Shout Outs

  • Quel123
  • Castilhoft
  • Manoel Lopes


  •  How do you use the word EVEN? <LINK>


  • Fo shizzle
  • That’s whack
  • Bling
  • Let’s bounce
  • To scope it out/scope something



  •  What is your greatest weakness?

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