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  • PKV says:

    App is not working from today morning.what is the issue going on?

    • Agnieszka from RealLife English says:

      Hi! It should be working all the time. Please write us at [email protected]. it is the fastest way to get help.

  • ANTHONY RAJ R says:

    Hi few days back I got subscription offer but unfortunately I couldn’t opt plz can you give that offer now so that I can make the payment.

    • Agnieszka from RealLife English says:

      Hi Anthony! We will be happy to help. Please send us an email to [email protected]. We are here for you!

  • Marlon T Berger says:

    Requesting for paid sponsored post
    “Greeting of the day
    I have came across your site

    Could you please let me know how much it will cost to publish an article on your site, just like the following one:

    and have a link on it towards a Language learning site


    • Agnieszka from RealLife English says:

      Hi, currently we don’t accept guest posts. Best!

  • Yash says:

    Hey, i use the learn english with movies and tv series channel to learn the english for such a long time but my question is how do i know that i improve my listening skills or isn’t ?

  • Pvn says:

    I was suspended permanantly … now i want to re active … is it possible

  • Hyde J Slatter says:

    How can I become one of the team members? I am an English teacher in Thailand and would love to be a part of this global effort.

    • Thomas Muller says:

      Hi there Hyde,
      Thanks for your interest in working with us and join the movement! I’m afraid to say that we’re not currently hiring. But hey, we highly recommend you stay tuned on our LinkedIn page. Any new position we open will be available there. 😉

  • CLAUDIA MATA says:

    Objet : Demande de remboursement en raison d’incompatibilitĂ© avec nouvel iPhone 4


    Je suis un utilisateur de votre application Realife English et j’ai rĂ©cemment rencontrĂ© un problĂšme d’incompatibilitĂ© avec mon nouvel appareil, un iPhone 4. AprĂšs avoir changĂ© de tĂ©lĂ©phone, j’ai dĂ©couvert que l’application Realife English n’est pas prise en charge sur ce modĂšle d’iPhone plus ancien.

    Je comprends que les versions plus rĂ©centes de l’application peuvent ne pas ĂȘtre compatibles avec des appareils plus anciens en raison de mises Ă  jour logicielles ou de spĂ©cifications techniques. Cependant, Ă©tant donnĂ© que je ne peux plus utiliser l’application sur mon nouvel iPhone 4, je souhaiterais demander un remboursement pour mon achat.

    Voici les détails de ma commande :

    Nom de l’acheteur : CLAUDIA MATA GARCIA
    Adresse e-mail associĂ©e Ă  l’achat : [email protected]
    Date d’achat : 18.04.2024

    Je suis prĂȘt Ă  fournir toute information supplĂ©mentaire nĂ©cessaire pour faciliter le processus de remboursement. Je vous serais reconnaissant de bien vouloir traiter ma demande dans les plus brefs dĂ©lais.

    Je vous remercie pour votre attention à cette question et je reste à votre disposition pour toute clarification ou information supplémentaire.


    Claudia MATA GARCIA

    • Thomas Muller says:

      Hey there Claudia,
      Thanks for reaching out. We’ll be contacting you through the email address provided by you in your message. 😉