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  • Maria Souza says:

    Hope I can improve better my English skills with the Real Life English.

  • where era you from?you are a teacher

  • Mario Pin says:

    hello it is impottant this page how to explain the english language

  • have a important page how to lerneing english

  • Fabio says:

    Hey guys for some reason I didn’t get the last newsletter (that comes Friday).

    • Justin says:

      Hey Fabio, we didn’t send it out last Friday but we will again soon! Thanks for reading, my friend!

  • Roshan Dandeniya says:

    Hi, I happened to see some of your videos that are supper fantastic, especially the movie ones. I am just beginning an Facebook page to educate Sri Lankans (Where I live) children and young adults free of charge. It will be purely non-commercial. So, I just want to ask you whether is it ok to post those original videos as it is on the page with credit given to you. It will be a great help if you can allow us.

    Thanks in advance !

    Roshan D

  • Abeer says:

    I love to improve my pronunciation