How to Conquer Your English in a Day

Every English student has fears  that are holding them back from reaching their fullest potential as a learner.

Though these fears may seem impossible to defeat now, it is possible to overcome them if you work on conquering your English each day instead of just focusing on your long term goals.

Living Your English

Every morning is another opportunity to ignite1 your mind in English and develop daily habits and routines that will take you step by step closer to your goals.

During the day, it is essential to incorporate the language into your life. Dive deep and immerse yourself in English through exposure2. Find ways to do things that you love, to step outside your comfort zone, and make your English learning process fun, natural, and convenient.

For example, you could take advantage of your free time to listen to English speaking podcasts while you commute to work, wash the dishes, or work out at the gym.

The RealLife English podcast makes learning fun and natural. Another easy thing you can do is configure your gadgets (technology) in English, like your cell phone, Facebook, or e-mail, which helps you expose yourself to English more often.

Finish the day off by priming3 your subconscious mind by reading a book, listening to music, or watching a TV series before bed.

Enjoy the Journey

The path to RealLife English fluency might seem like a long, discouraging journey, but it is important to appreciate each moment along the way. Every moment is an opportunity to learn and grow your English abilities.

Instead of looking at how you can learn English over years, it is better to focus on how you can make consistent progress on your English journey each day. There will definitely be good and bad moments along the way, however the process will help you develop the courage and confidence to take on any challenge.  

Once you conquer your day in English, you will have the foundation to continue to improve your English skills for the rest of your life.

You will wake up each day refreshed and ready to start your daily journey. You will unlock the superpower to connect and communicate with millions of people around the world. You will be given the key to a door of limitless opportunities, expand your perspective, and become a global citizen.

Wake up today! Accept the challenge to live English! Become the hero of your English language journey as you try each day to conquer the next 24 hours. There is a world of opportunities and growth out there for you to explore.

  1. ignite: activate, turn on
  2. exposure: contact with the language
  3. priming: conditioning
  • Corina says:

    Thank you for let me learn from all the important resources you give us. They are really useful for people like me lover of the English language. Blessings from Panama.

    • Zach Barney says:

      We are inspired to see you taking advantage of our resources, and happy to hear that you share a passion for learning English!!

  • Remo says:

    Hi Zach, I liked your article, it’s really great to hear that from you!!
    But now I have a question, i’ve been here with RLE for a year or so and I think I overcame a lot of fears that I was having even toward English or Life, and now, I almost do all my things in English (watching YT in English all the time, listening to music, reading books or articles…!!)
    The thing I am going through right now is, I am not able to repeat what I do anymore ( I feel bored if I dI’d that), and I no longer memorise the new vocab the way I used to one year ago!!
    ( I see new vocabs all the time and I might search about it but I don’t memorise it using cards, feel so lazy and bored?)….just thinking of what I do is letting me down!!….I thought it might take only few days and i’ll be back to my norm but, nahhh!!!
    Is that natural?!!! Is there any meds for my case??

    • Zach Barney says:

      Hey Remo,
      I really appreciate your feedback! You are doing a good job immersing yourself in the language and living English. It seems like now you hit a plateau in the learning process. Don’t worry, this is completely natural. When you get to this point when you feel like you aren’t learning anything new anymore, it is important to switch things up. Do things in English that will push you outside your comfort zone again, and make sure to schedule time to practice the areas of your English that you really want to improve. For example, if you want to improve your speaking skills you could schedule a time each day to record yourself speaking, then go back and analyze ways you could improve vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.
      Hope these tips help!!

  • Zach Barney says:

    Thanks for the feedback Maini! I agree we can’t stop chasing after our dreams! If you want to master English, today is the perfect day to start.