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  • Thobias says:

    This is an amazing website that I’ve just found. And I’m Sure that I’ll Learn A lot. Thanks

  • Sandra Pinto says:

    Congratulations from Portugal! Great site!

    • Justin says:

      Thanks Sandra for reading, and for the compliment! Let us know if there’s anything we can do better!

  • Nick says:

    I’m learning and preparing my FCE exam, and your site helps me a lot! Thanks for your teaching. Regards from Argentina

    • Justin says:

      Thanks Salime for signing up! We hope to see you at the RLE party tomorrow!

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  • Basoz Muhammad says:

    I just got here, read those comments but yet I have no clue about where to start from.

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  • download it

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    Thank you so much for the book!

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    [email protected]

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  • greaaaattttt

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    grt 🙂

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    Let’s learn english together 🙂

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    Thanks for your sharing, I do need to learn more.
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  • I hope I can enjoy this and getting what I need.

  • hesam says:

    your website is so cool.I’ve red about the word Bitch recently and it was awsome.tnx very much

  • Susie Acosta says:

    Have a solo presentation and found your site.
    It has helped me to be a bit more confident in teaching the tense present perfect. But I now realize as I research that it in entails more simple past teaching undefined and teaching indefinite as well. I am just allowed about 20 min window mini lesson presentation simple past and have only attended three classes thus far. Need a simple present perfect with engaging warm up and communication to follow then go into study grammar of the tense then finish with an activity which I chose U2 (I haven't found what I'm looking for)video.
    thought it would be fun. with a writing follow up 3 lines of students own experience using song model ( a mini song). How does this sound.

  • Rogério says:


    • Justin says:

      Hey Rogerio! Nice to see you on here! How are you? I appreciate the compliments. A big hug for you and your family!

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    Congratulations from Indonesia

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    hello, I want to be active member in your world, ok

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      Awesome Kado! Where are you from? Come hang out with us in our Facebook community here–> Hope to see you there!

  • kado says:

    Hi , welcome my friends here!