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Fluency Essentials

The 21 Funniest Youtube Videos For English Learners & Teachers

When was the last time you laughed really hard when learning or teaching English? Learning English as a second language (ESL) can be very boring sometimes, but a little comedy can change everything and make it fun AND funny. We have brought together the funniest, most popular, and instructive youtube videos and ESL commercials into one…

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Improving Your English Conversation: Anyway, By the Way

Watch the video then see the transcript below to check your understanding The expressions “by the way” and “anyway” are so common in spoken English as they are used as tool for changing subjects and continuing after interruptions. Do you know how to used them correctly? Find out in this episode of RealLife TV. [leadplayer_vid…

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The Origin and How to Really Use What’s Up

In this video  lesson you are going to discover why a lot of people make this mistake when responding to this very common colloquial greeting. Have you been answering corectly? Take a look at this video lesson to find out. [leadplayer_vid id=”53273DCB421B4″] Transcript What’s up RealLife English, welcome to another one minute video lesson, and…

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Tips for Sounding more Fluent: Using Prepositions and Adverbs

If you haven’t already noticed, the English language is filled with so many prepositions and adverbs. If you are like most learners you have probably had problems understanding and using them all correctly. In this video lesson you are going to learn why prepositions are so common in English and how they can really help…

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How Natives Cut and Connect Words in English: Simple Past (w/ Video)

Here’s a short but powerful lesson from RealLife TV on how native speakers cut and connect their words in the simple past. This is called connected speech. In this lesson, I explain why sentences like “what did you do” become “wha-dju do” in both formal and informal American English. Not only will this lesson improve…

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Top 7 Brazilian English Pronunciation Errors – Company Names (w/ Video)

If you’re like most Brazilians, you probably have a hard time pronouncing the word “Apple” in English. As this comical picture illustrates, Brazilians tend to incorrectly pronounce the word Apple in English as “Épou.” This is not incorrect when speaking Portuguese, but when you speak English, you need to adjust your pronunciation to a new…

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How Americans Pronounce the NT Sound as an N (with Video)

Do you think Americans speak too fast and cut their words? I’ll be the first to admit that it would appear that way. One of the main reasons is because the way we really speak is a lot different than you learned in school, and there is no better example of this than the way Americans totally…

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How to Pass the TOEFL Test: Reading like a Jedi

Are you thinking about studying abroad? Are you going to be required to take the TOELF exam and are not really sure what to expect from it, or if you are even ready to take it? Today you are going to take a step closer to becoming a TOEFL Jedi. Today you are going to…

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